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BioForward Fund

Since its founding in 1987 BioForward has continued to grow and evolve. There have been name changes, improved services, new staff, and growth in the number of member companies. We would like to continue BioForward's growth and request that you take part in a new program that our Government Affairs Committee and our Board of Directors has approved; that is a Conduit Fund.

  The BioForward (Conduit) Fund

  How The Conduit Works


The BioForward (Conduit) Fund

As the BioForward membership is striving to become more active in state politics and state campaigns. Critical decisions affecting our members’ businesses are being made now by the Wisconsin Legislature. Part of our increased activity in the legislative process is our day-to-day involvement in state politics and continuous advocacy for our membership. Another part was our decision to form a conduit fund to enable our membership to more easily support candidates for state office.The best way for BioForward members to contribute to state campaigns is through the BioForward Conduit. The conduit is a convenient and effective mechanism for us to pool individual contributions into one sizable check to candidates that we support. Individual contributors are noted on each check to candidates, so recognition of individual contributions is preserved. And, no distributions are made without express direction from the contributing member.

How the Conduit Works

Several times during the year, the conduit committee will solicit personal contributions from BioForward members. Any contribution to the conduit must be a personal contribution. No corporate or business contributions can be accepted. The BioForward Fund is NOT a Political Action Committee. Contributions are not "pooled” into a large fund. Rather, a separate "account” within the conduit is established in your name.The BioForward Conduit allows you to give money to the political candidates of your choice. No distributions are made from your account without your written direction. Candidates report the money received from the BioForward Conduit as an individual contribution from you. In addition, because the BioForward Conduit combines your contribution with others in the bioscience sector, all BioForward members get recognition for the contribution as well. For example, if you make a $25 contribution to the conduit, that $25 is deposited into the conduit account under your name. Later in the year, the conduit committee may ask you to direct $25 from your BioForward conduit account toward Legislator A. If you agree, then the BioForward conduit will issue a check to forward to the campaign. The $25 contribution is attributed to you but may be combined with other individual BioForward contributions.

How to Contribute

To make a contribution to the BioForward Conduit, you can now make a contribution by Credit Card online, or alternatively please complete the contribution form with enclosed check send it to the BioForward Conduit Administrator at:

BioForward Fund
214 N Hamilton, Suite 202
Madison, WI 53703 

The BioForward Conduit has a separate bank account from BioForward, Inc. and is comprised of voluntary personal contributions that are held for a later contribution to a candidate’s campaign account with the consent of the original donor. The conduit may only be used for state races and is prohibited from contributing to federal races.All contributions are welcome! A contribution of $25 or $50 goes a long way when contributed with other BioForward member contributions. Please consider participating in the BioForward conduit today!