BioForward Wisconsin, the collective voice of Wisconsin’s robust and comprehensive biohealth cluster representing more than 220 member organizations, is thrilled to announce the election of three new board members, effective January 1, 2021.

Wisconsin has a uniquely diverse wealth of sectors that make up the Wisconsin biohealth region.  BioForward serves all these sectors including research institutions, biotech, biopharma, digital health, medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare organizations. BioForward strives to have a representative slate of industry leaders on the board to reflect the broad range of needs and the depth and breadth of the biohealth ecosystem.

“Having all of these leaders on the same board is an incomparable experience. As we continue to add different perspectives from all industry sectors through board member roles, we are empowered to offer additional value to fulfill member needs.  We find new ways to market and strengthen the biohealth community, facilitate collaboration, and accelerate innovation,” says CEO Lisa Johnson.

BioForward welcomes the election of three new leaders to serve on the board of directors:

These directors began serving their board terms on January 1, 2021.

They will be joining:

“With the continuity within our board and executive leadership and the new perspectives brought by our added colleagues, we enter 2021 with a strong plan in place for continuing to strengthen the biohealth industry and elevate and amplify our strengths in biomanufacturing,” stated Board President Jay Hill.

To learn more about the full board of directors, go here.