BioForward is reaching out to members to highlight their organizations through a new member profile feature to tell more of their stories. Object Pharma agreed to be interviewed as a part of our efforts to heighten the awareness of our region and integrated health solutions approach.

About Object Pharma: Located in the University of Wisconsin Research Park in Madison, Wisconsin, Object Pharma is developing new therapeutic drugs treating muscle hyperactivity. We also manufacture and sell all seven serotypes of botulinum toxin for use by accredited researchers worldwide.

What do you find valuable about being a member of BioForward Wisconsin?

We are new members, but are looking forward to networking, collaborating, and learning from our peers in the industry.

What are the key areas of or achievements by your organization that are impacting the state of Wisconsin and the overall biohealth industry?

We are developing new medicine to treat muscle disorders such as cervical dystonia, spasticity and other disorders, which will have a major impact on the industry as a whole. In addition, we provide valuable reagents for research groups both nationally and internationally. Finally, we are augmenting our laboratory facilities in Wisconsin and hiring new personnel to advance our projects.

What about the future of research, medical and technological innovation excites you the most?

The pace of scientific advancement in biotech is astonishing and incredible new medicines will continue to be found with time and hard work.

Why Wisconsin? What does Wisconsin (and/or Madison/Milwaukee) offer for your company and/or your/its families?

The Madison area provides talented people trained in the university system and a great living environment where people want to stay and live.

What would you recommend about or say to others about Wisconsin’s biohealth industry and research institutions?

I’d recommend getting to know your colleagues in the industry. Good ideas abound and you can make use of them.

What is one thing others may not know about your organization?

We have decades of experience in neurotoxin work.