BioForward recently welcomed Mohammed Soumaoro aboard as its membership experience and program coordinator.

Soumaoro will support BioForward’s membership activities through improving membership experience and communications, supporting the purchasing consortium administration, internal project management, assisting with member events, and providing executive support to the CEO.

“We are thrilled that Mohammed has joined our BioForward team,” CEO Lisa Johnson said. “His dedication to helping the community will allow our organization to continue supporting and growing Wisconsin biohealth companies and unite the industry to develop integrated health solutions that define the future of healthcare.”

Before joining BioForward, Soumaoro worked in the customer service industry. He was the program officer for the Adolescent and Youth Unit for the Ministry of Health in Liberia. He also served as the unit lead on three national technical subcommittees for mental health, education, and youth and sports for the same organization.

Soumaoro is the co-founder of Neldon Limited, a software development startup based in Kigali, Rwanda, that offers low-cost software solutions to SMEs [MW1] in Africa. He is also the founder of Educate the Nextgen, a nongovernmental organization providing access to quality education through scholarships and opportunities for the brightest students from low-income and underprivileged families and communities. Soumaoro also volunteered for Amnesty International as a Write for Rights campaigner, helping to organize events that support and raise awareness about human rights violations.

Soumaoro has been honored for his extensive humanitarian work in his home country. He is a past winner of the Princess Diana Award and was recognized by the African Leadership University as one of the most promising young African leaders. He also received the Plaque of Honor Award for his exceptional leadership and commitment to excellence as the vice president of the student government.

“I am excited to experience a chance to work for an impact-driven organization whose work involves engaging public officials to advocate for its members while promoting and supporting private companies and the biohealth industry,” Soumaoro said. “This is such a great opportunity to live my passion.”