Exact Sciences Corp. today shared data from modeling analyses that demonstrate Cologuard (mt-sDNA), with its included patient navigation system, provides a greater reduction in incidence and mortality from colorectal cancer (CRC) compared to annual fecal immunochemical test (FIT), when it included outreach, with or without a mailed annual FIT, using real world adherence rates in a simulated Medicaid population. Cologuard remained cost-effective in all the real-world adherence scenarios modeled. The modeling analyses were consistent with the CISNET Colorectal Working Group models when using 100% adherence rates.

The Exact Sciences Laboratories Patient Navigation Program features on-demand phone support, reminder phone calls, texts and emails at no additional cost with each Cologuard test ordered.

These new data, generated from the CRC-AIM microsimulation model, will be presented in an ACG Presidential Award-winning poster titled, “Cost-Effectiveness of Stool-Based Colorectal Cancer Screening Using Reported Real-World Adherence Rates in a Medicare Population.” 

“Colorectal cancer screening rates need improvement, and they are particularly low in vulnerable populations,” said Paul Limburg, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Screening at Exact Sciences. “Exact Sciences Laboratories’ patient navigation program answers any question around sample collection and offers phone and text reminders to complete the testing process. It is a way to help all patients, including vulnerable patients, prioritize their health and get up to date with CRC screening.”

Colorectal cancer is the second deadliest cancer impacting both men and women in the U.S. Earlier detection of colorectal cancer through effective screening has been shown to improve clinical outcomes.

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