Labcorp, a leading global life sciences company, and ConcertAI, LLC (ConcertAI), a leader in enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) and real-world data (RWD)  solutions for life science companies and health care providers, today announced a collaboration to optimize precision oncology research. The companies will work together to launch clinical studies in ways that minimize the burden on physician practices, drive faster patient recruitment, maximize patient retention and ensure equitable access to research as a care option.
Through this collaboration, Labcorp will leverage ConcertAI’s suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings for clinical trial design, protocol optimization, site selection and study execution. These solutions, when paired with Labcorp’s expertise in clinical development services and diagnostic testing, will optimize oncology clinical trial design and execution using RWD and AI. 

“With Labcorp, we are building an advanced network, AI technologies and SaaS solutions to further advance the industry’s goals for diversity and digital enablement in clinical development services, especially in oncology,” said Jeff Elton, Ph.D., CEO of ConcertAI. “As a leading RWD and SaaS AI solutions company for evidence generation, ConcertAI is committed to advancing precision oncology in partnership with industry leaders.”

ConcertAI’s offerings will allow Labcorp Drug Development to access data to make more informed decisions about oncology clinical trials. This analytical toolset drives actionable insights that will lead to a better understanding of patient profiles and treatment pathways, ultimately yielding quicker and more effective clinical trials. 

Clinical trials also increasingly require analysis of potential trial sites to identify and select locations containing patients with specific characteristics. Using data to help understand the availability of patients across a sampling of oncology cancer centers helps bring health care within reach for all and ensures that the design of a trial contains a diverse set of participants to measure drug safety and effectiveness in broadly representative populations. ConcertAI and Labcorp have structured a long-term collaboration to leverage data and analytics to find solutions to these difficult problems.

“Oncology is highly complex, with hundreds of molecular targets and factors across solid tumors and hematological malignancies, so the need is great for diversity in cancer trials,” said Prasanth Reddy, M.D., MPH, FACP, senior vice president and head of oncology at Labcorp. “Labcorp Drug Development, which supports more than 50% of all oncology clinical trials globally, combined with ConcertAI’s high-depth data and AI technologies, is a powerful combination to optimize trial design, improve patient access, and increase efficiency of oncology trials to bring new therapeutic options to patients who need them most.”

Improved screening, along with new diagnostics and treatments in cancer have been significant contributors to recent reductions in deaths and other adverse outcomes. Health care providers and pharmaceutical companies require support to bring additional, innovative treatment options to market. Pairing ConcertAI’s RWD and AI expertise with Labcorp Drug Development’s established site relationships and patient-centric approach will provide customers with a differentiated offering, generating actionable insights and improved trial execution—ultimately yielding trials that are more cost effective, more inclusive and more likely to succeed.

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