Mission Cure Capital, LLC (“MCC”), an impact investment company focused on accelerating life-changing therapies for patients with recurrent acute and chronic pancreatitis, announces an initial investment in Regenerative Medical Solutions, Inc. (“RMS”), a privately held biotechnology company with a vision to harness the regenerative property of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs, non-embryonic) to produce pancreatic β (beta) islet cells to cure diabetes.

MCC’s investment supports the continued development of RMS’s patented technology and novel approach to develop a revolutionary protocol to grow healthy and resilient pancreatic cells to improve the lives of people with all types of diabetes.

Diabetes occurs when a person’s pancreatic β cells cannot produce enough insulin to control blood sugar. This can happen if the β cells are destroyed by an autoimmune attack (Type 1 diabetes), if the β cells are exhausted by long-term metabolic stress (Type 2 diabetes), or following long-term inflammation due to chronic pancreatitis (Type 3c diabetes).

Diabetes represents a global health crisis affecting over 400 million people world-wide, including an estimated 34.2 million Americans (10.5% of the population). In the United States alone, diabetes is responsible for direct medical costs of over $237 billion per year. These numbers are projected to increase 3-fold by 2050, underscoring the urgency of developing new therapies for the disease.

“There is an urgent need for new and effective therapies to treat diabetes,” said Linda Martin, President of MCC. “RMS has assembled a world-renowned team of experts in stem cell development, pancreatic islet biology and islet transplantation, and we are thrilled to support them as they create transformative therapies for diabetes. MCC aims to drive major scientific breakthroughs by directing capital where our financial support can have a measurable impact on lives. We seek to generate attractive returns for our impact investors by delivering on our mission to accelerate therapeutics for pancreatitis and our investment in RMS meets all of these goals.”

Tony Kolton, RMS’s President and CEO adds, “We are delighted to collaborate with MCC as they bring important resources in addition to financial support. MCC’s strong relationships with the patient and provider communities will provide real benefits for our team, helping us understand the needs and priorities of patients as we develop and deliver effective therapies for all patients with diabetes as quickly as possible.”

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