Women make up nearly half of the general workforce, but only 27% of them work in STEM. To help support, attract, and retain valuable talent in the state, BioForward Wisconsin has created the Women in Biohealth mentorship program to empower and connect Wisconsin-based women working in the biohealth community. The mentorship program provides a platform for women in biohealth to connect and uplift one another, delivers opportunities for professional and leadership development, and facilitates cross-country and industry career mentoring. Mentors and mentees convene for regular one-on-one meetings starting on Jan. 16, 2023–April 3, 2023, either in person or online. Both parties agree to meet six times within three months as their schedule allows, with a recommendation to meet biweekly. Support is provided by program administrators in the form of kick-off and wrap-up meetings, check-in emails, and guiding worksheets. The deadline for registration to be matched in the mentorship program is on Nov. 28.