BioForward is reaching out to members to highlight their organizations through a new member profile feature to tell more of their stories. Atrility Medical agreed to be interviewed as a part of our efforts to heighten the awareness of our region.

About your organization:

A spin-off of UW-Madison technology, Atrility Medical developed AtriAmp, an FDA-cleared medical device launched in 2021 that is now being used at American Family Children’s Hospital and elsewhere to monitor and diagnose arrhythmias in patients after cardiac surgery.

What do you find valuable about being a member of BioForward Wisconsin?

As a new member, we have found BioForward Wisconsin very helpful in Atrility Medical’s CEO recruiting search. Through their relationship with leadership and key stakeholders at Medical Alley, a healthcare member organization in Minneapolis, BioForward was able to connect our organization with our Dave Kaysen, who we eventually hired as our CEO. The connections BioForward has shared, and are able to share, are invaluable to us.

What are the key areas of or achievements by your organization that are impacting the state of Wisconsin and the overall biohealth industry?

There have been few, if any, significant medical advancements in the last decade in post-operative heart rhythm determination as notable as the AtriAmp.

What about the future of research, medical, technological innovation excites you the most?

Applying machine learning (ML) in cardiac medicine and in arrhythmias is an area that holds great promise. Our organization looks forward to the research and development stemming from ML, so we can further improve the output of the AtriAmp and in turn providing even better outcomes for patients.

Why Wisconsin? What does Wisconsin (and/or Madison/Milwaukee) offer for your company and/or your/its families?

From Wisconsin-based contract manufacturing, FDA and legal consultants, distribution partners and more, we were able to build much of our business infrastructure right here in Wisconsin.

What would you recommend about or say to others about Wisconsin’s biohealth industry and research institutions?

Wisconsin has the critical mass of business partners to help support companies bringing new products to market while having a tightly knit community.

What is one thing others may not know about your organization?

We are growing and on the move. We are getting ready for our fourth office/warehouse move in four years. In addition, in June our organization won the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan competition beating out 250 other contestants.