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Bringing Awareness, Building Trust

The COVID-19 virus has dominated the headlines for the past two years. Yet even as scientific progress has been shown to be at its highest point in history, and appreciation for biotechnology in some fields has soared, the pandemic has exposed the ways in which technological advances in science face a major and growing threat: mistrust.

By showcasing the inspiring individuals at the heart of the sector, and building audience trust in the possibilities of science, our aim is to ensure that the great gains made by the biotechnology sector in recent times receive the appreciation, investment and support needed to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

Unique opportunity to tap into both BIO (advocacy organization) and BBC’s audiences.

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Homing in on GE HealthCare’s specialized ultrasound technology, this three-part feature will align with the series theme of Detecting Invisible Illness by spotlighting conditions often overlooked and raising awareness of commonly misdiagnosed disease in women’s health. Tapping into the challenges of ‘invisible illness’, we’ll use technology to show how someone who appears ‘fine’ on the outside is battling tangible pain on the inside.

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Series includes

• 3x 4-5 minute documentary style films
• 3x 15-30 second social and digital edits of the film,

optimized for mobile phone viewing

• Master files of all edits in various formats, for use online, on social platforms and in presentations and URL

• Links to the content on the series hub for sharing and social purposes

• Introductions to the films written by the BBC Global News team and supporting editorial content from our journalists

• All photography and b-roll from the shoot
• License to publish and utilize the content across platforms

GE HealthCare Messaging on the Series

GE HealthCare: Detecting Invisible Illness in Women

In recognition of International Women’s Day and celebrations throughout March, GE HealthCare has collaborated with BBC Story Works and the BIO Technology Association to develop a series on detecting invisible illness in women through the eyes of patients and providers.

Featuring GE HealthCare’s specialized ultrasound technology, this three-video series is a showcase of what care with no limits can achieve, brought to life through beautiful, compelling and often deeply personal stories of the people responsible for dramatic progress – and those who stand to benefit.

Throughout the series, you will meet patients and providers on the frontlines of healthcare who are advocating, educating and empowering women worldwide to be in the driver’s seat of their health. Tapping into the challenges of ‘invisible illness’, we’ll show firsthand how technology can reveal how someone who appears ‘fine’ on the outside is battling tangible pain on the inside with the help of ultrasound.

The series is our effort to amplify their voices and the important work they’re doing – through visual and written stories.

Follow the Beat and GE HealthCare’s social media channels throughout March to hear their stories.

BBC, BIO & GEHC Invisible Illness Patient & Hero Stories

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Endometriosis – March 8


Patient: Brenna Griffth Provider: Dr. Susanne Johnson Location US & UK
Story Summary

Brenna Griffth suffered for nearly a decade managing ‘bad period pain’ or ‘UTI’ that was never resolved. In 2017, she finally received an ultrasound that revealed a softball sized cyst and endometriosis – allowing her to be properly treated for the first time. Now – she has started a family and is advocating for Endo awareness to help more women beat this invisible illness.

Susanne Johnson – also a mother, daughter, sister – has been advocating and educating the entire clinical community about how to detect and diagnosis endometriosis. New technology, guided workflows and AI makes it easier than ever to have the diagnostic information you need at your fingertips as a clinician

Technology: Voluson SWIFT & E8

Antenatal Care – March 24

Patient: Kate & Ruby

Provider: Dr Cincotta

Location ANZ – Australia

Story Summary

Patient’s journey includes 2 miscarriages, finally a successful and very uneventful pregnancy until 34 weeks – at this point a routine checkup found a catastrophic intracranial hemorrhage. She was delivered shortly after and her daughter was given a pretty dire outcome for survival. Even if she lived, she would have severe cerebral palsy and be unlikely to walk or talk.

Ruby is now 11 years old, attends regular school, plays sport does dancing classes. She’s an absolute miracle and her parents are inspiring. After this experience, her husband changed careers and took up nursing because he was so inspired by all the medical staff that they have encountered over the years.

Technology: Voluson
Ultrasound is used to monitor these risks and help women have a safe and healthy pregnancy, and often improve their outcomes.

Cardiac Health – March 28


Patient: Sarah Watson
Provider: Dr. Qamruddin, Oschner Health Location US
Story Summary

Sarah Watson a young attorney who unfortunately had heart attack during her wedding weekend is willing to share her story. She will be describing her symptoms the doctors rightly thought this is SCAD, but this would the traditional heart attack and she ended with up with stent in her heart she has strong family history as well. This is within the scope of SCAD and as well traditional Heart attack, and we will discuss both .

Technology: VIVID

Ultrasound is used to identify this mis/undiagnosed challenge for women and provides patients with the information they need to live a healthier life and become pregnant if they choose.

Invisible Illness Series

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Elevate BBC content to targeted audiences to raise awareness.

Timeline: Mid-March-April

Distribution: Paid BBC YouTube

pre-roll, paid social media, BBC display ads

Lead: Kate

BBC & BIO channels

Content partnerships

Timeline: March 8, March 24, March 28

Distribution: BIO & BBC storyworks websites, BIO email campaign, Social campaign, BIO events, Display ads

Lead: Kate (liaison to BBC & BIO)

Earned Media

Pitch to medtech reporters on the tech itself. Pitch the patient story angel to local/broadcast reporters.

Timeline: March (Endo), Mothers Day (Antenatal), World Heart Day (Cardiac)

Distribution: Pitching
Lead: Meredith w/ product and region support

GEHC Owned & Social

Amplification storytelling

Timeline: March 8, March 24, March 28

Distribution: GEHC website, GEHC social, GEHC Reports, LinkedIn activations

Lead: Amanda w/ Kate support

GEHC Product Channels

Awareness & lead gen

Timeline: March 8, March 24, March 28 – Throughout 2023

Distribution: Ultrasound product pages, Tradeshows, Email & Lead generation

Lead: Heleen & Mathilde

Ultrasound Audiences

Showcasing our impact on patients & providers – raising awareness on these illnesses

Timeline: with launches

Distribution: The Beat Ultrasound page/news channel; other (i.e., Townhall)

Lead: Nader

GEHC-wide Audiences

Showcasing our impact on patients & providers – raising awareness on these illnesses

Timeline: with launches Distribution: The Beat Homepage/main carousel; The Scan; The Beat Purpose page

Lead: Nader (liaison to Holly & Maddie)

Women’s Network

Raising awareness on these illnesses

Timeline: with launches

Distribution: email, event?

Lead: Nader (liaison to Maria)

BBC & GEHC Detecting Invisible Illness | External amplification

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