In a recent study, CommercialCafe ranked Madison as No. 2 among Midwestern U.S. cities for women working in STEM. 

The study evaluated 123 cities in the U.S. and focused on highly relevant factors, including indicators tracking local STEM employment as well as levels and evolution of income for women relative to the overall sector in local economies. Midwestern U.S. cities accounted for 18 out of 123 locations included in the current nationwide ranking; Madison ranked No. 27 overall.  

In 2021, Madison had 8,348 women working in STEM, representing the fourth-largest female STEM workforce among the Midwestern U.S. cities compared to the regional ranking. This figure was up 2,701 from the number in 2017. Approximately 33% of STEM jobs in Madison were held by women, which is roughly on par with the percentage of women STEM workers in Omaha, St. Louis, and Detroit.