Welcome to BioForward’s updated Associate Industry Member Profile series, where we shine a spotlight on outstanding organizations that play a vital role in supporting the growth and success of the Wisconsin biohealth industry. In this edition, we proudly present CAI, an esteemed associate industry member that lends its expertise and resources to bolster the dynamic ecosystem of biotechnology in Wisconsin. CAI serves as a valuable partner contributing to the progress and prosperity of the biohealth sector.

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BioForward- Enlighten us about the exciting aspects of your organization’s mission, vision, and values. Showcase your organization’s passion and how it differentiates itself.

CAI- Fundamentally, we exist to be our clients’ trusted solution as they help to build a better working world and improve the human experience. We do this by following parallel paths for our business and our people.

  • For our business, we provide an Operational Readiness approach where we consider the whole more than the sum of its parts. We work to consider the many factors involved in the whole process and help our clients meet market demand within their designated timeline in a sustainable way so they can get their products to patients that need them.
  • For our people, we are all owners. CAI is a 100%  Employee Stock Option Program (ESOP), meaning we are the owners. In addition, our agents are all W-2 employees. This setup provides motivation for each of our agents to perform to the best of their abilities and to strive to grow their abilities and take on new responsibilities, taking the long view of ensuring client satisfaction and building relationships for the long term.

This approach allows us to partner with our clients for the long haul. We are invested in ourselves, and as a result, we are invested in our clients personally.

BioForward- In a world of endless possibilities, what inspired your organization to become an associate member of BioForward Wisconsin? Share an interesting anecdote or pivotal moment that led to this decision.

CAI- Working with a local company, our team was struck with the friendly and inclusive atmosphere. This was a team of people who understood what they were about and wanted to get their treatment to other human beings who needed it. It was inspiring.

A person at that company recommended that we attend the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit (learn about this year’s Summit) that year, and we were impressed both by the attention paid by the BioForward team in putting the event together and by the people in attendance.

We realized that it was not just the company we were working with but the Madison biotech community that was different. We have engaged with BioForward ever since, and we intend to continue to do so. It is a wonderful community.

BioForward- As an associate industry member, your organization plays a vital role in the success of the biohealth industry. What are some ways in which you have supported or empowered biohealth companies? Share success stories or memorable experiences that showcase your impact.

CAI- We work with all sizes of life science companies, and their needs are often quite different. For small companies, helping them see the big picture of what it takes to get commercial products to the patient fast. For larger companies, we are often filling the spaces between departments and workstreams, helping to identify blind spots, facilitate communication, and drive operational excellence.

Respect for our client’s privacy and intellectual property prevents us from going too far into detail on these matters. Often, we get more involved than initially intended, but it always is a rewarding experience.

BioForward- Wisconsin offers a unique ecosystem for the biohealth industry and its partners. What aspects of Wisconsin have helped your organization thrive and build strong connections with the biohealth community? Share any memorable collaborations or partnerships that have enriched your journey.

CAI- Our first client in the Madison area was Stratatech. This was a memorable and career-changing experience for the team. From the first, we could tell there was a drive to get their product to patients and that they were willing to be collaborative and protective enough to get that done. Our team made many connections and many friends on that project. We still talk about it often and fondly.

BioForward- Imagine you’re an ambassador for Wisconsin’s biohealth industry and research institutions. What valuable insights or recommendations would you share with others? Highlight the unique strengths and collaborative potential found within Wisconsin’s thriving biohealth community.

CAI- We would urge looking at concerns or issues within your organization holistically rather than a problem that seems to be affecting just one part of the organization. A big reason we believe in the Operational Readiness approach is that it helps to uncover underlying issues before they become major concerns that can go unnoticed for a long time. There is a wealth of experience in the community in Madison, and it does not hurt to get what you might think of as an “outside” opinion.

BioForward- Every organization has its hidden talents or surprising quirks. Share an intriguing fact or funny anecdote about your organization that others may not know.

CAI- CAI was founded by people who came from the Naval Nuclear Program. This is a program that inducts enlisted US Navy personnel and trains them to operate and maintain nuclear reactors in the dynamic environment of US military warships. We have borrowed the philosophies and principles from this organization and adapted them to the pharmaceutical industry to train our agents to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. As a result, we are an attractive company to veterans and maintain a high veteran population within our company.

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