On the evening of September 21, 2023, the bustling city of Madison, Wisconsin, saw something truly extraordinary unfold at the Victory Hall in Camp Randall. It was BioForward’s Pre-Summit VIP Reception, a prestigious, invitation-only event exclusively for sponsors of the highly anticipated Wisconsin Biohealth Summit, scheduled for October 17th at Overture Hall. This exclusive gathering, sponsored by UW Health, brought together some of the biggest names in the biohealth industry, and it was a night to remember.

An Invitation-Only Affair

The Pre-Summit VIP Reception was a carefully curated event, open only to the sponsors of the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit. The invitation list included renowned organizations such as UW Health, Findorff, Accuray, Hausmann Group, Mortenson, Fisher Scientific, and many more. These organizations are at the forefront of innovation and advancements in the biohealth sector or strengthen the sector through services, making this gathering a true industry powerhouse.

A Venue Like No Other

The event took place at Victory Hall, nestled within the historic Camp Randall. Attendees enjoyed the newly renovated facilities with University of Wisconsin’s signature branding, larger-than-life TV screens, and the walk-out entry to the football field provided a stunning backdrop for the evening’s festivities.

A Night of Extravagance and Connection

As the sun set over Madison, attendees were welcomed into Victory Hall with warm smiles and the excitement of what was to come. The event kicked off with a remarkable selection of elevated stadium cuisine that delighted the taste buds of all who attended. The menu was carefully crafted to reflect the innovation and excellence found within the biohealth industry.

Amidst the mingling and networking, attendees had the unique opportunity to meet and take photos with none other than Bucky, the beloved mascot of the University of Wisconsin. Bucky’s presence added a touch of collegiate charm to the evening and was a hit with everyone in attendance.

Inspirational Remarks

The highlight of the evening was the insightful remarks delivered by prominent figures in the biohealth industry. Lisa Johnson, the CEO of BioForward, addressed the gathering, sharing her perspective on the upcoming Summit, the current state of the Biohealth Industry, advocacy efforts, and the recent application for the EDA Tech Hub designation for personalized medicine. Her words provided valuable insights into the industry’s future and potential.

Additionally, Elizabeth Hagerman, Chief Innovation Officer of the Isthmus Project at UW Health, spoke about the event’s significance as the reception sponsor, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and innovation in the biohealth sector.

The Board of Directors Presence

The event also had the honor of hosting the Board of Directors of BioForward. Their presence further underscored the significance of the occasion and the value of the partnerships formed within the industry.

Connecting and Collaborating

The Pre-Summit VIP Reception was a night of celebration and a powerful platform for sponsors to network, collaborate, and build lasting industry connections. Biohealth industry giants came together under one roof, fostering new partnerships and strengthening existing ones.

Sponsoring the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit is not just about promoting a brand; it’s about contributing to the advancement of the biohealth sector. It’s about making a difference and being part of something bigger than any one organization. The Pre-Summit VIP Reception was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the shared commitment to drive positive change in the industry.

As we eagerly anticipate the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit on October 17th at Overture Hall, the Pre-Summit VIP Reception serves as a reminder of the incredible potential and opportunities that lie ahead. Biohealth pioneers, sponsors, and industry leaders are joining forces to shape the future of biohealth, and the world is watching.

Stay tuned for the groundbreaking insights and innovations that will undoubtedly emerge from this remarkable gathering of minds. The Wisconsin Biohealth Summit promises to be an event that will inspire, educate, and transform the biohealth industry. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.