The Wisconsin Biohealth Summit is fast approaching, set to take place on October 17th at the renowned Overture Performing Arts Center. One of the highly anticipated keynote sessions, “Innovations in Personalized Medicine,” promises to be a highlight of the event. This session is set to provide invaluable insights into the groundbreaking work being done by Wisconsin’s biohealth leaders, who are at the forefront of the personalized medicine revolution.

The Wisconsin Biohealth Summit

The Wisconsin Biohealth Summit is an annual gathering that brings together key players in the field of life sciences, biotechnology, and healthcare. This event serves as a platform for sharing cutting-edge research, discussing industry trends, and fostering collaboration among professionals in the biohealth sector. The 2023 summit’s theme, “The Next Generation of Personalized Medicine,” underscores the critical role that Wisconsin companies are playing in tailoring healthcare solutions to individual patients, thereby improving patient outcomes and overall health.

Keynote Speakers

The keynote session, “Innovations in Personalized Medicine,” features a distinguished lineup of speakers who have made significant contributions to the field of personalized medicine:

  1. Anjon (Jon) Audhya
    • Senior Associate Dean for Basic Research, Biotechnology, and Graduate Studies at UW-SMPH
    • Dr. Audhya’s academic journey, which includes a Ph.D. in biomedical sciences and postdoctoral studies at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, has prepared him to be a leader in advancing personalized medicine solutions. His work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has undoubtedly contributed to the state’s prominence in this field in addition to his work on Wisconsin’s recent EDA Tech Hub application.
  2. Ulrich Broeckel
    • Founder & CEO, RPRD Diagnostics
    • With over two decades of experience in genetics and genomics, Dr. Broeckel is a renowned physician-scientist. His expertise in translational pharmacogenomics research is critical in tailoring drug therapies to individual patients, optimizing their effectiveness while minimizing side effects. His leadership at RPRD Diagnostics exemplifies Wisconsin’s dedication to personalized medicine.
  3. Leslie Lemke-Boutcher
    • VP Nonclinical Toxicology, Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals
    • Dr. Lemke-Boutcher’s extensive experience in drug development and nonclinical toxicology is essential in ensuring the safety and efficacy of personalized medicine treatments. Her role at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals highlights the importance of rigorous testing and development processes in bringing personalized therapies to market.
  4. Chris Riley
    • Vice President & Group Executive, Danaher
    • Chris Riley’s leadership within Danaher’s Genomic Medicines Group underscores the vital role that industry giants play in advancing personalized medicine. Danaher’s involvement in the field, encompassing scientific leaders in biological sciences, signifies the broader industry’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of personalized medicine.

Tying it All Together

The keynote session on Innovations in Personalized Medicine perfectly aligns with the overarching theme of “The Next Generation of Personalized Medicine” for the 2023 Wisconsin Biohealth Summit. These speakers, each bringing their unique expertise and experience to the table, symbolize the state’s pioneering efforts in the field of personalized medicine. Wisconsin’s biohealth leaders are not only contributing to the advancement of science and technology but are also improving patient care and driving the evolution of healthcare toward a more personalized approach.

As we eagerly anticipate the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit on October 17th at the Overture Performing Arts Center, we look forward to gaining invaluable insights from the keynote session on Innovations in Personalized Medicine. The contributions of Wisconsin’s biohealth leaders, as represented by the esteemed speakers, are shaping the future of healthcare and personalized medicine. This event promises to be a testament to the state’s role as a major player in the next generation of personalized medicine. We invite all attendees to join us in celebrating these individuals’ remarkable achievements and their impact on the healthcare landscape.

This session is sponsored by Findorff.