As we gear up for the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit on October 17th at the Overture Performing Arts Center, we are proud to feature an essential part of our community in the panel sessions “Made in WI – Manufacturing Ecosystem.” This panel session is a testament to Wisconsin’s remarkable strength in the biohealth industry, and it beautifully ties together with the overarching theme of the event, “The Next Generation of Personalized Medicine.” With a focus on the local manufacturing ecosystem, this panel will shed light on its vital role in shaping the future of healthcare.

The Biohealth Industry in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s biohealth industry is thriving and owes much of its success to the robust manufacturing ecosystem that supports it. This ecosystem encompasses automation, robotics, precision, custom manufacturing, packaging, and plastics. In 2021 alone, Wisconsin suppliers provided over $6 billion in goods and services to biohealth companies within the state. This strong supply chain is a cornerstone of the region’s success and ensures the sustainability and independence of the local biohealth industry.

The Essence of “Made in Wisconsin”

The panel session promises to delve deeper into the concept of “Made in Wisconsin.” What does it mean for the biohealth industry to be “Made in Wisconsin”? It signifies self-reliance, local talent, and the capability to source critical components and services right from within the state. Wisconsin’s ability to stand tall as an independent and locally sourced industry is a remarkable achievement in a world increasingly interconnected and dependent on global supply chains.

Meet the Speakers

The panel features a distinguished lineup of speakers, each representing a key player in Wisconsin’s biohealth manufacturing ecosystem:

  1. Seth Hudson – Executive Director for Corporate Relations and Economic Engagement, Discovery Center, University of Wisconsin – Stout
    • Seth Hudson directs UW-Stout’s Discovery Center, including the Manufacturing Outreach Center, Stout Technology and Business Park, and a comprehensive range of industry, applied research, technical assistance, and technology transfer efforts of the university.
  2. Jesse Winker – Director of Product Development, Prent Corporation
    • Jesse Winker has been with Prent Corporation for 15 years and is the Director of Product Development. Prent Corp is a Custom Medical Thermoformer headquartered in Janesville, WI. He is responsible for leading direct design and tooling departments within the North American Prent Facilities. Prent also has design and manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia to serve the medical industry globally where Jesse plays a large role in collaboration and organization of strategic projects and initiatives.
  3. Michael Dover – Director of Manufacturing Technology, Phillips-Medisize
    • Mike Dover has been with Molex for 28 years and is the Director of Manufacturing Technology for Phillips-Medisize (PMC), the medical division of Molex. He leads a team of 80 mechanical/control engineers and mold/machine builders to globally source and internally develop mold and automation systems that manufacture and assemble medical and commercial products.
  4. Michael Cook – Director Academic Enablement, Rockwell Automation
    • Michael Cook has broad global corporate strategy and business development experience. Prior to moving to the USA in 2004, he worked for several years as a hands-on management and implementation consultant in diverse manufacturing environments such as automotive, food and beverage, and heavy industries such as mining, primary and secondary Aluminum production, and supply chain and services in Africa.

Session Insights

The panelists bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. They will discuss various aspects of Wisconsin’s biohealth manufacturing ecosystem, from technological advancements to innovative processes, and the impact of local collaboration on the global stage. These insights will be invaluable for attendees, shedding light on the essential role manufacturing plays in the biohealth sector.

This session is sponsored by Kraemer Brothers, a testament to the importance and significance of the topic. Their support underscores the collective effort to highlight and celebrate the achievements of Wisconsin’s biohealth manufacturing ecosystem.

As we look forward to the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit on October 17th, the “Made in WI – Manufacturing Ecosystem” panel session stands out as a vital exploration of the state’s biohealth industry’s beating heart. This session aligns perfectly with the overarching theme of personalized medicine by emphasizing the importance of local manufacturing capabilities, innovation, and collaboration in shaping the future of healthcare. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from the industry leaders who are making Wisconsin a powerhouse in biohealth manufacturing.