FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Yahara Software has successfully acquired Revolutionary Informatics, LLC

MADISON, WI – November 08, 2023 – Yahara Software, a leading provider of cutting-edge laboratory informatics solutions, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of Revolutionary Informatics, LLC, a renowned company with significant laboratory operations and bioinformatics expertise. This strategic acquisition represents a significant milestone for Yahara Software, reinforcing its commitment to enhancing its capabilities and offering comprehensive solutions to its valued customers.

Revolutionary Informatics, based in Golden, Colorado, was founded in 2018 by James Smagala, a visionary in the field of laboratory informatics. The company has earned a distinguished reputation for its proficiency in laboratory operations, bioinformatics, and scientific processes, with a particular focus on public health applications. By integrating the strengths of both companies, Yahara Software aims to capitalize on the synergies between their respective competencies to provide a more comprehensive suite of services to their global clientele.

Yahara Software’s expertise lies in providing top-notch informatics solutions for laboratory operations, encompassing informatics assessment, data acquisition, LIMS integration, workflow optimization, scientific instrumentation, instrument control interfaces, data analytics, and reporting. With an esteemed clientele across various industries, Yahara Software has become synonymous with efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in the laboratory informatics market.

“This acquisition is an exciting milestone for Yahara Software as it aligns perfectly with our vision of becoming a global leader in laboratory informatics,” said Kevin Meech, CEO of Yahara Software. “Revolutionary Informatics’ outstanding reputation and proficiency in bioinformatics and public health will significantly enhance our service offerings. We look forward to integrating their talented team and innovative solutions into our organization.”

The founder of Revolutionary Informatics, James Smagala, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “Joining forces with Yahara Software is a fantastic opportunity for our team. We are excited to contribute our expertise and work together to develop groundbreaking solutions to revolutionize laboratory informatics globally.”

With this acquisition, Yahara Software is set to expand its already comprehensive range of informatics solutions, reaffirming its position as an industry leader. Integrating Revolutionary Informatics’ competencies will enable Yahara Software to offer cutting-edge bioinformatics solutions to clients in the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

About Yahara Software: Yahara Software, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, is a leading integrator of laboratory informatics solutions. With a focus on laboratory operations and scientific instrumentation, the company offers comprehensive informatics assessment, data acquisition, LIMS integration, workflow optimization, instrument control interfaces, data analytics, and reporting services.

About Revolutionary Informatics, LLC: Revolutionary Informatics, based in Golden, Colorado, specializes in laboratory operations, bioinformatics, and scientific processes. The company has a notable track record of providing valuable solutions with a specific emphasis on public health applications.