BioForward Wisconsin, the collective voice of Wisconsin’s robust biohealth cluster and lead entity on Wisconsin’s successful Tech Hub Designation, announces a strategic augmentation to its Board of Directors, reinforcing its commitment to propel the state’s biohealth industry into a new phase of innovation and influence.

Under the leadership of CEO Lisa Johnson and Board Chair Nicolas Paris, BioForward has achieved significant milestones, culminating in the successful Phase I Tech Hub Designation. As the organization gears up for the Phase II application, the board is set to leverage its expertise to further position Wisconsin as a leader in personalized medicine, amplify manufacturing capabilities, and fortify the biohealth ecosystem.

The expansion of the Eau Claire office stands as a testament to BioForward’s dedication to fostering regional growth and collaboration within the biohealth community. Emphasizing the importance of this expansion, Johnson states, “Our commitment to regional expansion signifies our dedication to fostering collaboration and catalyzing innovation within Wisconsin’s biohealth landscape.”

Additionally, the addition of Millipore Sigma, a global leader in supplying solutions and services to the Life Science industry, further enriches the board’s expertise. Nicolas Paris, CEO of Gilson and Board Chair, remarked, “Millipore Sigma’s expertise adds depth to our collective knowledge, bolstering our efforts to pioneer breakthroughs in biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug therapies.”

New Board Members:

BioForward proudly welcomes three esteemed professionals to its Board of Directors, enriching the organization’s leadership with diverse expertise:

Executive Committee:

Continued Commitment:

The expanded board, comprising an array of industry leaders, positions BioForward to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead. Johnson affirms, “Our collective expertise sets the stage for impactful advancements in biohealth, driving Wisconsin’s position as a global player in life sciences and medical breakthroughs.”

The organization expresses gratitude to departing members Josh Carson from Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, Cecilia Hillard from Medical College of Wisconsin, and Haiying Grunenwald previously with Illumina, for their pivotal role in shaping BioForward’s trajectory.

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BioForward Wisconsin represents more than 230 member organizations across an integrated network of health solution leaders, including research institutions, biotech and biopharma, digital health, healthcare systems, and medical device, and diagnostics. It is an action-oriented association that focuses on initiatives to strengthen the state’s biohealth industry. BioForward was the lead consortium member on Wisconsin’s successful Phase I Tech Hub Designation Application. Learn more about BioForward Wisconsin at


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