Multi-year agreement focused on validation of the platform as well as advancing translational research capabilities

Elephas Biosciences Corporation (Elephas), a biotechnology company, today announced that it will collaborate on the development of an oncology imaging diagnostics platform to predict response to immunotherapy with Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center. The Elephas platform utilizes live patient biopsies with intact native tumor architecture and treats them with potential immunotherapies to predict response to treatment. The basis of the platform is to visualize immune cell activity including T cell activation and cytotoxic mediated killing.

This collaboration brings together the Elephas team and Mayo Clinic researchers and medical oncologists to advance the Elephas platform. The multi-year research agreement includes an observational study to demonstrate that a patient’s clinical response to immunotherapy is correlated to the response data obtained by the platform. The primary goal of the collaboration is to validate that the data generated from the platform can be used to predict response. In addition, researchers will collaborate on translational research utilizing Elephas’ proprietary instruments, which are essential components of the diagnostic platform.

“We are excited to be working with Mayo Clinic, an organization that shares our commitment to improving outcomes for patients fighting cancer,” stated Maneesh Arora, founder and CEO of Elephas.