FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                         February 21, 2024

MADISON, Wis — BioForward Wisconsin, lead entity on Wisconsin’s successful Tech Hub Designation from the Economic Development Administration (EDA), is pleased with Governor Evers signing of legislation that allocates $7.5 million in grant funding to drive statewide economic growth through the Tech Hub Phase 2 initiatives. BioForward also recognizes State Senator Duey Stroebel and State Representative Amanda Nedweski for sponsoring Senate Bill 894 and Assembly bill 916 through the state senate and assembly approval process.

“We’re on the cusp of becoming a global powerhouse in biohealth innovation and personalized medicine, and having the state’s support for our EDA Phase 2 application sends a clear signal to the nation, Wisconsin is rallying behind this Tech Hub,” said Lisa Johnson, CEO of BioForward, a member-driven organization representing the state’s robust biohealth cluster and its thriving manufacturing and supply chain sectors. “The state legislation supporting projects in personalized medicine, workforce, and entrepreneurship will ensure economic growth and innovation. This support, along with that of private funding, is a strong indicator to the EDA that we are poised and ready to be a global tech hub in personalized medicine.”

Implemented as part of the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act and administered by the EDA, the Tech Hub designation, that was achieved last October, recognizes Wisconsin’s existing strength in personalized medicine, biohealth technology, precision manufacturing and automation —key components for statewide economic growth, global competitiveness, and national security. Wisconsin was among only 31 out of 192 regions throughout the U.S. and its territories to receive the designation. The designation was vital as only the 31 Tech Hub designees are now invited to apply for EDA Phase 2 funding that has the potential to unlock access to $50 to $75 million in federal funds. Wisconsin was also among the 19 recipients of an EDA strategy grant out of the 172 applicants vying for it.

“Wisconsin has the companies, talent and innovative thinkers required to continue advancing the development of personalized medicine,” said GE HealthCare’s Vice President of Advanced Technology, Jay Hill. “The grant funding for the Tech Hub Phase 2 initiatives from our state legislators underscores the importance of this moment and what it means for Wisconsin. We are leading in the advancement of biohealth and pursuing this funding has the potential to propel our industry to new levels faster, while enhancing economic opportunities in Wisconsin and creating an unmatched network of collaboration that will drive innovation and further boost the state’s economy.”

Wisconsin’s biohealth sector generates $32 billion in direct, indirect, and induced services, bolstering state and local taxes by $1.2 billion annually. Its growth rate nears 11% from 2018-2021, creating more than 129,000 jobs, with a multiplier effect of 2.5 jobs for every biohealth position. When combined with the state’s strong manufacturing network that’s experienced a 29% growth rate in biomanufacturing since 2018, it elevates Wisconsin to an elite position nationwide with more than $6 billion in products and services produced in 2021.

“This is a testament to Wisconsin’s history and how it is paving the way to a bright future for Wisconsin,” Johnson said. “Wisconsin’s rise to global leadership in biohealth isn’t just an opportunity—it’s imperative for our future, a demonstration of our commitment to innovation, security, economic prosperity, and global competitiveness.”


About BioForward

BioForward Wisconsin represents more than 230 member organizations across an integrated network of health solution leaders, including research institutions, biotech and biopharma, digital health, healthcare systems, and medical device, and diagnostics. It is an action-oriented association that focuses on initiatives to strengthen the state’s biohealth industry. BioForward was the lead consortium member on Wisconsin’s successful Phase I Tech Hub Designation Application. Learn more about BioForward Wisconsin at

About the Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub

The Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub, led by BioForward Wisconsin, aims to position Wisconsin as a global leader in personalized medicine, an emerging healthcare approach that tailors tests, treatments, and therapies informed by a patient’s unique genetic code, medical record, and environment. Leveraging its cluster of healthcare assets and track record of commercializing medical research, this Tech Hub seeks to facilitate manufacturing coordination and data sharing, expand lab space and computing capacity, advance the field of critical genomic, diagnostic, and theranostic technology, and accelerate domestic biotech manufacturing. The Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub consortium includes- BioForward, Accuray, Employ Milwaukee, Exact Sciences, Forward BIOLABS, GE HealthCare, Milwaukee 7, Madison Region Economic Partnership, Madison Area Technical College, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Plexus, Rockwell Automation, UW-Madison, Universities of Wisconsin, University Research Park, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and WRTP/Big Step.

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