Baldwin fought every step of the way to secure Wisconsin’s designation as a Biohealth Tech Hub under the CHIPS and Science Act

WISCONSIN – Today, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin announced that Wisconsin has officially been selected as a Tech Hub and is receiving $49 million to grow the state’s personalized medicine and biohealth sector – advancing research and innovation, growing our economy and creating jobs, and boosting American competitiveness in a cutting-edge industry. The coveted designation will allow Wisconsin’s consortium of 15 public and private partners to boost research and expand lab space, increase coordination and collaboration, invest in workforce development and alignment, improve access to capital to start and grow businesses, and further build out the personalized medicine and biohealth technology sector. Personalized medicine is a medical approach that tailors prevention and treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient, including using genetic makeup, medical history, and environmental and lifestyle information to improve patient outcomes.

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