By Liam Selfors

We all understand the importance of belonging in the workplace, but building a strong company culture that keeps employees engaged is no easy task. We picked the brains of biohealth talent recruiters and put together a 5-step process to finding and keeping a tight team of devoted employees.

The first step to creating an environment of belonging at your workplace is to solidify your company’s mission. Companies in the biohealth field are lucky to have core missions that ultimately help people. Use this to your advantage! People work hard when they feel connected to a purpose, but it’s easy for this drive to get buried under routine tasks. Take some examples of your company positively affecting real people and keep your employees in touch with that feeling.

Once you’ve solidified your company’s mission and found a way to unite your workplace with a strong purpose, the next step is to find people who really care about your mission. Identify the qualities you’re looking for in an employee, and mind-map a few different personas that are likely to fit in with your dynamic team. Keep in mind that these personas will change as your company grows, and there’s no right or wrong answer.

You’ve developed a solid idea of the personalities that will enjoy the nature of a position you’re looking to fill, and the next step is recruitment. A resume is great for determining the skills and capabilities of a candidate, so don’t waste interview time discussing these items. Ask questions whose answers will give you information about how each candidate will fit into your company’s mission and culture.

With a team of responsive talent that is eager to spearhead your company’s mission, the next step is to keep everyone engaged and involved by breaking down walls between departments in your company. Identify activities that will bring your employees together, and share each success as a company. Don’t be afraid to use at-work hours to kick back and have some fun; the employee response will pay for itself!

The last step to maintaining a sense of belonging in your workplace is to recognize the work and value of your employees. Employees need to know their hard work is appreciated, but one size doesn’t fit all. Put in the effort to find out how people like to be recognized, and show them that they matter. The task can get monotonous, but it’s important that you’re staying engaged in your employees’ successes for them to feel accepted at your company.

The process is difficult and time-consuming, but ultimately has a huge impact on how your employees perform and respond to management. In case you missed anything, here is a quick recap of our 5-step guide to company culture from the “Belonging in the Workplace Encourages Success” panel at the 2017 Biohealth Summit presented by BioForward:

  1. Solidify your company’s mission and empower your employees with a meaningful purpose.
  2. Mind-map a few different personas that you think offer value to your team dynamic and overall mission.
  3. Utilize your interview and recruitment process to build a strong team dynamic within your company.
  4. Break down walls between departments with bonding activities to unite employees who don’t generally interact in a typical workday.
  5. Find out how your employees like to be recognized for their work and go the extra mile to show your appreciation of their value.

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