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Read the full press release here Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee is the first site in Wisconsin participating in a post-market clinical trial evaluating a device designed to reduce the risk of stroke after a noninvasive heart valve replacement procedure. The trial, “PROTECTED TAVR: Stroke protection with Sentinel during transcatheter aortic valve replacement,” […]

Read the full press release here Janesville-based nuclear technology company SHINE Medical Technologies said Wednesday it has begun selling a therapeutic isotope it produces that’s used to treat cancers. SHINE recently announced it made its first commercial sales of lutetium-177, or Lu-177, to multiple customers. In addition to neuroendocrine cancers, the isotope can be used […]

Read the full press release Macrophages, cells that help engulf and destroy harmful organisms in the body, tend to be characterized as the Jekyll and Hyde of the immune system. Macrophages are essential first responders in fighting off infections and marshalling other immune cells to the scene. But they also play a major role in […]

Read the full press release  In a recent prospective, blinded study, the novel Versiti PF4-dependent P-selectin expression assay (PEA) was found to be highly accurate for the diagnosis of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT), a life-threatening, pro-thrombotic, antibody-mediated disorder that can cause blood clots, resulting in heart attacks, strokes and limb amputation. Further results of the study, […]

Read the full press release here A team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is part of a new multi-institution effort to better understand Alzheimer’s disease in adults with Down syndrome. Adults with Down syndrome are at high risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease beginning in their late 40s, because of their unique biology. The […]