Community Service Awards

BioForward’s NEW awards celebrating those that give back to their community

BioForward Community Service Awards

The BioForward Community Service Awards were developed this year to celebrate the exceptional members of Wisconsin’s biohealth community that rarely receive but endlessly deserve our thanks and appreciation. As the collective voice of the biohealth industry in Wisconsin, BioForward has been uniquely privileged to meet and interact with a wide breadth of talented, intelligent, and caring individuals that are drawn to our industry by the opportunity to do something important with their career and to be a part of this community that develops solutions and products that benefit the health of all humanity. Even though our members work tirelessly to make life-changing therapies and critical technologies, they know that it is equally important to become active members of their communities to create a lasting and positive impact on society.

The last two years have been difficult for many as we have been constantly pulled apart and isolated by disease and division. So, let us all take a moment to honor individuals and companies that through volunteerism, community service, and focusing on the needs of others remind us of the common humanity that we all share and the strength that we have when we connect.


How it works 

Starting today, any BioForward member (if you work for a member company, you are a member) can nominate an individual member that is dedicated to community service or a member company that has developed programming that benefits the community for a BioForward Community Service Award. Feel free to nominate as many people and companies that have shown an exceptional interest in improving the lives of their neighbors or fellow Wisconsinites. Nominations close on March 7, 2022.

BioForward staff will narrow down the top 10 in each category and then finalists (First, Second, Third) will be determined via judging by BioForward Board Members and Staff. The 3 finalists for both the individual and company awards will participate in video interviews highlighting their amazing work. The finalists will all be honored by a video presentation at this year’s BioForward Annual Member Meeting on April 27 at the Edgewater Hotel in Madison and the first-place winners will be announced and receive their awards.

2022 BioForward Community Service Award (Individual)

This award is a celebration of the exceptional employees at member companies who selflessly give back to their community through service projects, charity work, and volunteerism. Individuals are nominated by their colleagues and leadership and judged by BioForward Board Members on their time and effort as well as the impact they have on their community. These passionate individuals give so much of themselves to keep their communities healthy, happy, and strong that they deserve recognition. Nominations close on March 7, 2022.

2022 BioForward Community Service Award (Company)

This award recognizes the importance of our member companies in improving Wisconsin and the communities in which they live and work. By creating, staffing, and leading community-based organizations, initiatives, and service projects, our member companies show the world that they care about their employees, their families, and neighbors. Member companies are nominated by leaders or staff and projects are judged by BioForward Board Members on the size, scale, and impact of each company-led or created program. Nominations close on March 7, 2022.

Please consider filling out a nomination form today so we can honor some very worthy people in the Biohealth Community. Nominations close on March 7, 2022.