Thursday, July 18, Morgridge Institute for Research wrapped up their third week of summer camp programming offered at the Wisconsin Institute of Discovery building. The Morgridge Rural Summer Science Camps focused on giving rural high school students and teachers a deep dive into science research.

BioForward staff members were pleased to attend final day activities and see the results of the summer research projects. BioFoward was proud to be a sponsor for the camp this year. Morgridge Rural Summer Science Camp was selected to receive proceeds from BioForward’s 2019 Annual Member Meeting because BioForward recognizes the importance of supporting organizations that educate the next generation of biohealth professionals. Due to donations from individuals, companies and entities such as BioForward, the Morgridge Rural Summer Science Camp has been offered free of charge since its inception.

Opportunities presented to students throughout the week included getting experience in a wet lab, treating breast cancer cells with tamoxifen, and using ImageJ for metabolic imaging of those same cells. Students also gained access to Morgridge’s imaging, fab labs, high throughput computing equipment, including their optical coherence tomography.

At the afternoon poster session on Thursday afternoon, BioForward CEO Lisa Johnson had the opportunity to meet with students and talk with them about what they learned. She was delighted to witness the enthusiasm from all of the students who will hopefully decide to start their careers in Wisconsin.

Dan Murphy, Outreach Coordinator at the Morgridge Institute for Research, says, “Biotechnology (manufacturing) is a huge industry in Wisconsin, and this is a new opportunity for us to connect to that. The kids that come out of this camp can take this credential with them. We want to highlight the connection between camp activities to carer development and job development in Wisconsin.”

To learn more about the Morgridge Institute for Research, visit their webpage. Watch the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit 2019 webpage to discover which organization will benefit from event proceeds.

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