BioForward Sponsors Student Scholarships for BTCI’s Camp Biotech

Thank you to everyone who attended BioForward’s Annual Meeting, April 26th at the Edgewater in Madison, WI. As you may have been aware, we pledged that 10% of all ticket sales will be donated to STEM education in Wisconsin.

A portion of the proceeds went to The BioPharmaceutical Technology Institute in Fitchburg Wisconsin to sponsor students for their Camp Biotech I: The Wonders of DNA summer program, which wrapped up on Friday, June 22nd. Camp Biotech provides hands-on experience for high school students to learn more about DNA, genetic engineering, and basic lab techniques. BioForward had the opportunity to spend the day with these students as they showcased their skills and knowledge they had learned throughout the week.

The students that received BioForward scholarships this year were:

  • Alisha Ghelfi, who will be a freshman this year at Madison East High School and presented on how restriction enzymes work in genetic engineering
  • Kaden Triggs, who will be a freshman at Sun Prairie High School and presented on testing to see if ingredients in foods were genetically modified or not

Thank you to everyone who attended our annual meeting and for your generous support of these students!


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