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Cellular Logistics has joined Forward BIOLABS, a non-profit, co-working life science lab for an early-stage biotech.

Forward BIOLABS life science laboratories are fully equipped, maintained, supported, and come with introductions, training, and networking that help startups grow. It was founded based on the belief that there was more our community could do to make starting a life science venture easier.

“We are thrilled to offer our co-working life science labs to companies like Cellular Logistics, who are pushing boundaries of what’s possible for the ultimate benefit of patients,” said co-founder and CEO, Jessica Martin Eckerly.

The flexible, affordable labs and nurturing environment produce immense capital efficiencies gained by not spending time and money on lab equipment and setup. In addition to capital efficiencies, valuable operational efficiencies are gained through lab infrastructures such as waste management, safety protocols, equipment monitoring, security, and startup-specific training units. These efficiencies allow entrepreneurs to focus on their science and meet their milestones efficiently and fast.

“I’ve known the Cellular Logistics team for several years, their passion for moving the technology forward for the benefit of heart failure patients is inspiring”, says Martin Eckerly. “When their NIH SBIR grant was awarded, we got their team going right away with orientation, training, and they were immediately off to the races working in the lab”.

Forward BIOLABS is making it easier for Cellular Logistics to advance their work quickly as the company progresses by providing expandable lab and operational capabilities but also making sure that the team is fully connected with the relevant scientific and business resources in its network.

“BIOLABS is directly addressing the local market need for well-equipped and affordable life science laboratory space. We would have had to raise significantly more money to get a laboratory established and our time to product development has been considerably shortened”, says Alex Vodenlich, President & CEO.