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The Greek philosopher Plato said, “necessity is the mother of invention.” It’s true that challenges often inspire ingenious solutions. But sometimes, even after a solution is discovered, there are other challenges needing to be overcome.

 On today’s show, we’ll learn about the process of turning ideas into inventions, and then marketing them to the individual, creating commercial products or concepts that can benefit people worldwide. And later, we’ll hear about an upcoming annual, national conference on technology commercialization for inventors, entrepreneurs and industry alike that’ll be happening right here in our community.

Learn about the management of inventions and other intellectual property assets and how they’re advanced from Patents to Patients®inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio!


  • Eddie Diehl, PhD, Marketing Manager, Office of Technology Development, MCW
  • Kalpa Vithalani, PhD, Licensing Manager, Office of Technology Development, MCW
  • Lisa Johnson, CEO, BioForwardWisconsin