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BioForward’s largest member-only celebration


BioForward Annual Member Meeting 2023: A Celebration of Collaboration, Community, and Biohealth Industry Growth

April 25, 2023:
BioForward, the leading association representing Wisconsin’s biohealth industry, hosted its highly anticipated Annual Member Meeting at Monona Terrace. The event, which was sold out and exclusively available to members, brought together over 360 individuals from the BioForward community. It provided a platform for networking, insightful conversations, celebration of achievements, and updates on the organization’s initiatives. This blog post aims to recap the event, highlighting key presentations, networking opportunities, and community awards, all while underscoring the importance of unity and collective action within the biohealth industry.

Networking & Collaboration:
The event provided ample opportunities for networking, fostering connections, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Networking sessions were organized by topic and led by BioForward Board Members, encouraging participants to discuss essential industry matters. Based on member feedback, the new event format promoted open seating to encourage collaboration and provided more time for networking. Overlooking the beautiful lake, attendees were able to connect with colleagues and peers from various BioForward member companies, fostering collaborations and planning future endeavors.

BioForward Update:
The Annual Member Meeting began with Nicolas Paris, BioForward Chair and CEO of Gilson, reflecting on the organization’s journey. From its humble beginnings as a room filled with passionate individuals, BioForward has now grown into a convention center housing over 360 members. This growth reflects the strength and economic impact of the Wisconsin biohealth industry, positioning it to move from awareness to influence. BioForward CEO Lisa Johnson further emphasized the need for members to raise their voices, share their impact with the media, and advocate for legislation that propels the industry forward.

Creating an EHS Community within BioForward:
One of the event highlights was the presentation by Mary Doers of Promega and Keith Rego of Illumina, who discussed the newly-formed Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) working group. They emphasized the importance of collaboration and shared best practices to uplift the biohealth industry while ensuring safety and environmental sustainability. Both speakers expressed their enthusiasm for creating a diverse community of EHS professionals dedicated to advancing the industry’s goals and fostering a safer and healthier future.

Community Awards:
The members of BioForward have shown their dedication to making a positive impact on communities and people’s lives through various acts of community service. This year, BioForward acknowledged those who have exceeded expectations and demonstrated the same level of commitment to improving the well-being of those around them as other members. The Community Service Awards acknowledged remarkable initiatives by both member companies and individuals who went above and beyond to assist those in need. These awards commemorated the exceptional efforts of BioForward members and reinforced the industry’s fundamental principles.

Looking Ahead:
During the Annual Member Meeting, Lisa Johnson shared BioForward’s future plans, which include garnering national attention for the Wisconsin biohealth industry, supporting emerging growth companies, and advocating for strategic initiatives. Johnson also highlighted the opportunity to create a regional innovation and technology hub in Wisconsin through the CHIPS and Science Act. Should Wisconsin be selected, BioForward will rely on the support of its members to maximize this incredible opportunity.

The BioForward Annual Member Meeting 2023 was a resounding success, bringing together members of the biohealth industry in a celebration of community, conversation, and achievement. The event showcased the dedication of BioForward and its members to uplifting and positioning the biohealth industry for growth. The networking opportunities, insightful presentations, and recognition of community service highlighted the collective strength of the BioForward community. As the industry continues to evolve, BioForward remains committed to fostering collaboration, advocating for impactful legislation, and driving positive change within the Wisconsin biohealth sector.

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