Exploring Hidden Patterns: Leveraging FrAnaTk for cfDNA Fragment Analysis- Webinar

Welcome to our highly anticipated webinar on “Exploring the Hidden Patterns: Leveraging FrAnaTk for cfDNA Fragment Analysis”

Over the last few years, the analysis of cfDNA data has emerged as a vital area of study in genomics; however, extracting meaningful information from cfDNA datasets has been a complex and time-consuming task, often hindered by technical challenges and the lack of standardized methodologies. To overcome these hurdles, our team has crafted a pipeline that integrates the latest advancements in the field of fragmentomics via an extensive literature review paired with optimized data processing. This solution enables the identification and extraction of critical features from cfDNA WGS data that are potentially relevant for downstream analysis, and segregation of samples based on altered phenotype, chromatin state and the cfDNA fragment profile.
During this webinar, we will delve into the conceptual underpinnings of cfDNA fragmentomics followed by a summary overview of our pipeline from pre-processing and quality control to fragment length estimation. Furthermore, we will showcase how a few of the selected features allow us to identify variability between cancer and control samples thus facilitating seamless integration into machine learning models.
Whether you are a seasoned researcher in the field or new to cfDNA analysis, this webinar will expose you to the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the full potential of cfDNA data and accelerate your research efforts.


Jul 10 2023
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