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Foxconn Selects Wisconsin with Commitment to High-Tech Manufacturing

Taiwan technology company bolsters Wisconsin’s supply chain and potential collaborations

MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Foxconn Technology Group (Foxconn), has announced this afternoon that the company will be building a high-tech display manufacturing plant and technology campus in Southeastern Wisconsin. The 8K liquid crystal display (LCD) screens manufactured at the campus will enable new medical solutions for surgical procedures and has the potential to reduce the cost of healthcare.

“BioForward and Wisconsin’s biohealth community welcomes Foxconn to the state and looks forward to opportunities for collaboration,” said Lisa Johnson, CEO of BioForward Wisconsin. “Attracting a technology leader such as Foxconn will benefit Wisconsin in numerous ways from high-tech job opportunities, industry collaborations, and benefiting Wisconsin’s extensive state-wide supply chain.”

Wisconsin’s biohealth industry also relies heavily on high-tech manufacturers throughout the state. Amongst several notable international investments in Wisconsin, attracting Foxconn to the state further showcases Wisconsin as a technology and manufacturing leader.

Foxconn Technology Group is a multi-dimensional company with not only a focus in manufacturing, but also a large healthcare division. Terry Gou, Chairman of Foxconn, has demonstrated his commitment to advancing healthcare with large investments in Taipei’s Cancer Center and providing major funding to medical research.

With Foxconn’s decision to invest in Wisconsin for display manufacturing comes the possibility of research partnerships, high-tech healthcare manufacturing, and employment for Wisconsin’s concentration of STEM-educated workforce. Foxconn has a history of investments in high-tech healthcare and technology initiatives. The state of Wisconsin presents additional opportunities for partnership in similar initiatives such as Wisconsin’s Biomanufacturing Center of Excellence.

“We’re thrilled Foxconn has chosen Wisconsin for the 8K display manufacturing plant and technology campus, and we’re excited to develop this relationship with Foxconn to further support their interest in healthcare as part of their U.S. expansion strategy,” said Lisa Johnson.

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