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GE Healthcare teams with Tampa hospital to create artificial intelligence data center

Tampa General Hospital and GE Healthcare are partnering to create a care coordination center driven by both human and artificial intelligence that will open next year.

The 9,000-square-foot center will use predictive analytics to help improve the experience and outcomes for patients, families and hospital staff. Tampa General has set aside 9,000 square feet for the center, which will open in 2019.

“We want to leverage this system to improve efficiency and shorten the time patients are in the hospital by better managing their care,” said John Couris, president and CEO of Tampa General, in a statement. “This technology will help to reach our goal of providing coordinated patient care after they leave the hospital.”

The center will use GE’s Wall of Analytics, which continually examines data that, in turn, recommends actions to reduce delays in patient progression, predict and prevent risk, and balance staff workload. GE Healthcare, based in Chicago, employs more than 6,000 people in the Milwaukee metro area.

Tampa General Hospital, a 1,010-bed nonprofit academic medical center, is among several artificial intelligence-based centers including The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and Humber River Hospital in Toronto.

The center combines artificial and human intelligence and houses staff members from different hospital departments who will use the artificial intelligence data to improve patient transports, reduce patient wait times, enhance the coordination of services and speed up the discharge process.

Tampa General is “a highly aligned and focused organization,” said Jeff Terry of GE Healthcare. “We expect that will translate to both speed to patient impact and innovation.”