MADISON, WIS., November 1, 2016 – JangoBio announces their founding as a company focused on developing new therapies to sustainably reverse hormone imbalances associated with aging and mitigate the risk of developing a wide range of age-related diseases.

The Company is leveraging recent innovations in cell therapies to rejuvenate reproductive tissues that will restore hormones to their optimal youthful levels. The resulting pipeline of therapeutic candidates will provide a natural and more effective alternative to the current multibillion dollar pharmacological-based hormone replacement therapies.

“Our team is leading the way on cell-based therapies for treatment of reproductive hormone imbalance,” said Craig Atwood, Ph.D., JangoBio CEO, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Research Director of the Laboratory for Endocrinology, Aging and Disease. “Dysregulation of key hormones occurs naturally and progressively with aging. All people over the age of 50 will eventually suffer symptoms resulting from the accumulated imbalance of reproductive hormones. Published data support the idea that restoring levels of reproductive hormones to levels seen during youth may also mitigate various age-related conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis and type II diabetes.”

Current treatment options, such as regular injections of estrogens or testosterone, are insufficient and carry the risk of potential side effects, such as cancer. JangoBio’s strategy is to develop cell-based precision medicine therapies that can sustainably and safely restore balance to a broader range of circulating hormones. These therapies will carry none of the risks associated with current hormone therapies and will be substantially more effective.


About JangoBio

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, JangoBio is a company focused on discovering and developing new medicines to restore gonadal function to treat hormone imbalance in patients. Leveraging recent innovations in cell therapy, JangoBio is developing a pipeline of first-in-class treatments targeted to indications associated with an imbalance of circulating reproductive hormones. The Company, utilizing an NIH STTR business grant and private investments, is founded and advised by leading experts in endocrinology, aging, and cell therapy. For more information or investment opportunities, please visit