Meet the Board – Jeanan Yasiri Moe

Jeanan Yasiri Moe

WARF – Director of Strategic Communications, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Sector: Technology Transfer

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

About WARF: WARF’s role is to steward the cycle of research, discovery, commercialization and investment for UW–Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research. WARF’s purpose is to promote, encourage and aid scientific investigation and research by UW–Madison faculty, staff and students and by the university-affiliated the Morgridge Institute for Research.

Bio Highlights: Jeanan Yasiri Moe is an executive serving higher education, health care and media experience interests over the past 30 years. Today she is Director of Strategic Communications for WARF – Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, where she leads the strategic communications, advocacy and marketing initiatives for WARF, a 90+ year foundation committed to supporting scientific research at the University of Wisconsin.

During the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act she served as Chief Planning and Innovation Officer for Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW) a nonprofit health care cooperative.  There she led the award winning “Better Together Project” educating the community at-large on the ACA.  Yasiri Moe’s portfolio of responsibility at GHC-SCW included Marketing and Communications, Practice Management, Project Management, Community Outreach and exploration of key business partnerships.

She served as the Executive Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Nonprofits and over 25 years at UW taught seven courses including “Entrepreneurship in Society”, a statewide, televised course engaging students with nationally recognized entrepreneurs.

Yasiri Moe holds a M.Sc. in Consumer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a B.Sc. in Business and Economics from University of Wisconsin – Platteville.  She is the co-author of two books entitled “Tackling the Uninsured Puzzle:  Collaborating for Community Care” (2001) “Putting the Patient First:  Upfront with Advocacy and Community Service” (1997).