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Nikon offers a wide selection of Research-grade imaging systems including award-winning live-cell imaging platforms, super-resolution systems, confocal microscopes and High Content imaging systems and digital imaging solutions for microscopy for direct purchase.

BioForward Member Pricing And Benefits

  • BIO Exclusive pricing on Nikon and third party items: 15% off select BIO customized microscope packages, 7% off individual Nikon items, and 5% off third party products Free installation, unless specified on quote
  • 1 Year Warranty Full on Systems, 5 Year Warranty on Microscopes, and 15% off a wide variety of Warranty Extension Programs
  • Free on-site customized training
  • Highly trained Nikon teams throughout the Americas partner with customers to build unique systems solutions
  • Fully integrated flexible customized packages for expediting discovery to commercialization - easily scaled up for larger operations
  • Seamless integration of third party products
  • One unified software solution


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