Via Wisconsin Health News

Lisa Johnson sees BioForward as a way to combine different sectors of the state’s economy – research, health tech, manufacturing and others – under a single umbrella.

“We’re a great industry and Wisconsin has a lot of power in this area,” said Johnson, CEO of the bioscience trade association. “We just need to do a better job of marketing ourselves and uniting ourselves and really forging these collaborations that are so vital for the growth of this industry.”

Johnson recently spoke to Wisconsin Health News about her organization’s efforts. Edited excerpts below.

WHN: BioForward is opening an office in Milwaukee. Why now?

LJ: I think it’s the importance of the industry, that it’s beyond just Madison. Certainly we have strength in the Milwaukee area, whether it’s our research institutions like the Medical College of Wisconsin to medical device companies to companies like Dohmen Life Science Services. We’ve got to have representation that can really service that area, really reaching out to more and more member companies that are part of BioForward. I think one of the key areas that we really want to focus on is setting up more collaborations and partnerships between Madison and Milwaukee…BioForward really needs to take a more active role in helping with those partnerships, marketing between our cities and also taking the assets of the entire state industry.

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