There are vast numbers of organizations and opportunities available in Wisconsin’s Biohealth Industry. As part of BioForward Wisconsin’s Talent Initiative, we are making it easy for talent to see that Wisconsin is the place to be for a career in the Biohealth industry!

Many members companies contributed to the BioForward Talent Initiative Campaign (announced at the April Annual Member Meeting), through both content and input and are featured on the campaign landing page. BioForward compiled the content, devised the plan, and worked with marketing partner, Digital Ring, to run a paid digital advertising campaign. A month into the campaign, we wanted to report back preliminary results as the focus is primarily outside of Wisconsin. Many of our member organizations will never see an ad (which are currently being run on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Search, and Google Display).

On June 11, 2019, BioFoward launched a Talent Initiative Campaign to develop brand awareness, visibility, and actions for BioForward member organizations. We are a little more than a month into the campaign, which will run through August, and the reach of the campaign thus far has been extensive.

We will continue to report to the community as the campaign proceeds, but below are some high-level preliminary results:

  • 3.75 million impressions outside of Wisconsin
  • 11,305 click-throughs
  • Top 10 cities by clicks: New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Akron, Baltimore, Raleigh, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Millersville, and Cincinnati
  • Top 10 keywords searched by clicks: research jobs, careers in biology, life sciences, pharmaceutical jobs, biology jobs, pharmaceutical careers, lifescience, pharmajobs, biological sciences jobs, and biochemistry careers
  • Gender by clicks: 58.2% women, 29.1% men, remaining undetermined
  • Age by clicks: 22.8% 18-24yo, 19% 25-34yo, remaining over 34yo

Some opportunities for improvement have already been discovered, and changes made. 98% of users were accessing the landing page via mobile device or tablet. The landing page is now mobile-optimized, so those users will get the best experience possible and find the most value. We also randomized the default sector displayed when a user visits the landing page so results wouldn’t be skewed towards one area of our industry.

So far these changes have brought even greater success to the campaign. As the campaign continues, and we learn from our efforts, leads will continue to be more qualified and more interested in applying to our member companies.

We welcome you to celebrate with us that the campaign has reached over 3.75 million people outside of Wisconsin by sharing this news with your colleagues via social media or email.

To see the Talent Initiative landing page go to & and make sure to watch our promotional video! We will showcase more Talent Campaign efforts at this year’s Wisconsin Biohealth Summit. We can’t wait to show you the next step for this endeavor.