BioForward recognizes that we need a strong community to create a strong biohealth industry.

BioForward is committed to investing in community partners
and supporting our members, big and small during


Uplifting Community

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BioForward makes vital donations & sponsors organizations that provide STEM education or impact community heatlh?


in donations & sponsorships in 2022

Connecting Education to Industry

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BioForward advises programs, connects industry to educational resources, and promotes and lobbies on behalf of Wisconsin Universities.

Supporting Emerging Growth Companies

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BioForward partners with many community and state organizations to support our entrepreneurs.


awarded in grants through a partnership between BioForward and WEDC in 2022

Did you know?

A significant amount of BioForward staff time is committed to making connections between members and constituents to add value to membership!

The BioForward membership is comprised of biohealth companies and the associate industry companies that support them with resources and guidance in accounting, construction, financial, legal, marketing, staffing, etc. See the complete listing of Associate Industry members.