Past Event – Discover a Valuable R&D Resource in Your Backyard Ft. BloodCenter of Wisconsin

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Wisconsin’s strength in the biohealth industry is formed by companies, entities and research institutions that are located throughout our state. Join us at the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy to learn about a valuable Milwaukee/Wauwatosa based asset, Blood Center of Wisconsin.

4:30-5:00 - Event Registration
5:00-6:00 - Presentations
6:00-7:00 - Reception

For the past 65 years, BloodCenter of Wisconsin has saved lives by delivering blood and blood products to hospitals, advancing world-renowned research, and performing specialized patient tests.

However, there's more to BloodCenter of Wisconsin than most realize. It also houses distinguished research institutes focusing on Immunobiology, Transfusion Medicine, Vascular Biology, and Stem Cell Medicine. Within these institutes lie many opportunities for collaboration, development and use of diagnostic tests, and access to blood samples and related databases. BloodCenter's robust diagnostic laboratories specializing in Hematology, Molecular Oncology, Transfusions and Transplant services offer testing not found in other parts of the state. For over 30 years, BloodCenter of Wisconsin has assisted pharmaceutical and medical device companies with regulatory studies, laboratory testing, assay development and a variety of other research needs.

About Versiti: 

Versiti is a strategic affiliation of successful healthcare organizations throughout the Midewest whose vision is to improve the health of patients as the national leader in innovative transfusion solutions for healthcare systems.

They provide transfusion medicine, transplantation, oncology and genomics and diagnostic lab services, medical and scientific expertise and cellular therapies. These efforts result in improved patient outcomes, higher quality services and reduced cost of care for hospitals, blood centers, hospital systems, research and educational institutions, and other health care providers.

Meet the Speaker: Ilke H. Panzer

Executive Vice President – Versiti Chief Innovation Officer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ilke Panzer is the Chief Innovation Officer for Versiti. She is responsible for Versiti Strategy and Strategy Deployment, Business Development and Portfolio Strategy, Corporate Communication and Marketing, Diagnostic Laboratories across the Versiti Affiliates, Cellular Therapies, and Clinical and Contract Research. She is also co- leading the development of Innovation partnerships and new ventures.





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  • March 9, 2017

  • UW-School of Pharmacy

  • Madison, WI