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BioForward Speaker Series: Aldevron collaborates with University of Wisconsin to Develop Decision Support Tools for Biomanufacturing

A team of students and faculty at University of Wisconsin-Madison were collaborating with Aldevron on research funded by the National Science Foundation to develop decision support tools to improve efficiencies, reduce timelines, and lower costs in bio-manufacturing operations. There was first an overview of the challenges specific to biological production, and the need for decision support tools that combine biological sciences and manufacturing systems theory. Then, an overview of various tools being developed in collaboration with Aldevron was presented and the use of these tools to analyze tradeoffs related to yield, throughput, and, capacity was demonstrated  Finally, there was an open question and answer forum to discuss opportunities for university-industry collaboration.

Read more about the collaboration and the project here. 

  • BioForward Speaker Series

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  • May 12, 2016

  • University Research Park - Accelerator Building

  • Madison, WI