Renewing Members

Thank you for your interest in renewing membership in BioForward.

We are excited about the future of BioForward and the impact our industry has on the state of Wisconsin. We appreciate your continued membership as we implement new initiatives to help your company grow in Wisconsin.

  • Request an Invoice

    Invoices can be e-mailed or mailed to you. To be invoiced, email Brian Moeller at [email protected] and provide your name, organization, address and whose attention the invoice should be sent to. Thank you for your interest in renewing membership in BioForward.

  • Payment by Check

    Payment by check can be processed by mailing a check with your printed and completed membership renewal form to:

    214 N Hamilton, Suite 202
    Madison, WI 53703

  • Payment by Credit Card

    Base Membership

    • < 10 Employees ($400) [stripe name="BioForward Membership" description="<10 Employees" amount="40000"]
    • 11-24 Employees ($750) [stripe name="BioForward Membership" description="11-24 Employees" amount="75000"]
    • 25-100 Employees ($1300) [stripe name="BioForward Membership" description="25-100 Employees" amount="150000"]
    • >100 Employees ($3000) [stripe name="BioForward Membership" description=">100 Employees" amount="300000"]
    • Non-Profit/Education ($500) [stripe name="BioForward Membership" description="Non-Profit/Education" amount="50000"]

    If you are having trouble with our payment processor or your membership was negotiated at an amount not listed above, please contact Brian Moeller at 608-204-6229 to provide credit card information over the phone.