Strength of Wisconsin Biohealth

Biohealth is the cluster of industries that drive the new innovation economy in Wisconsin and the US. It is the intersection of healthcare, life sciences, biosciences, digital health, and biomanufacturing. Industry sectors include biotechnology, biopharma, medical devices, healthcare services, digital health, diagnostics, electronic medical records, medical research, and biomanufacturing.

With Madison having a specialized concentration in four of BIO’s five bioscience subsectors and Milwaukee’s specialized concentration in Medical Devices and Digital Health, Wisconsin proves itself as not only strong in the biohealth industry but incredibly diverse.  With over 1900 biohealth companies across the state and 107,616 direct jobs in the biohealth industry, there’s no shortage of opportunity.

Biotech & Biopharma:

From therapeutic and drug development to translational and integrated science, Wisconsin has it all. Accounting for one of the states’s largest economic drivers, biotech and biopharma continue to flourish in Wisconsin. A leading employer throughout the state, this segment boasted 581 business locations statewide.

Medical Device & Diagnostics:

The medical device and diagnostics industry continues to grow and thrive in Wisconsin, with medical device companies ranging from start-ups to corporate powerhouses choosing to call Wisconsin home. Two-thirds of Wisconsin’s bioscience-related patents filed from 2014-2017 fall in this sector, accounting for 1,862 medical & surgical device patents.

Health Research Institutes:

Wisconsin boasts some of the nations top research institutes. Wisconsin research institutes received $424.9 million in NIH funding and reported $914 million in academic biosciences R&D expenditures in 2017 alone.

Digital Health:

Where digital technology meets health solutions. Digital health is empowering patients and healthcare systems to provide personalized care, improve quality, and reduce costs. Digital health is Wisconsin’s newest and fastest growing sector.

Biohealth Supply Chain:

Wisconsin’s manufacturing supply chain suppliers that had products and services supporting the global biohealth industry were reported to directly contribute $13.3 billion in economic output with labor income of $2.5 billion and 31,888 employees.

BioForward Initiatives: Strengthening the National Hub for Biomanufacturing in Wisconsin

As the collective voice of Wisconsin's robust and comprehensive biohealth cluster, BioForward focuses on action-oriented initiatives to strengthen the state's talent pipeline; collaborations to develop supply chain partnerships; educational and networking opportunities to enhance professional development and connections, and amplifies the community message through meaningful and timely holistic public relations.

Why choose Wisconsin?

Wisconsin boasts a world-class university system as well as endless outdoor activities throughout all seasons making our home the 6th state in the 2016 Quality of Life list by Forbes. The bioscience industry in Wisconsin is one of the largest in the state generating a $47.8 billion economic output creating 250,379 direct and indirect/induced jobs.

Nestled on a narrow isthmus between two lakes our state capitol, Madison, has been recognized as a top place to live and grow your business. Madison is home to 5 area lakes, 200 biking and hiking trails, and has been voted one of the top 5 healthiest cities. In addition, Madison is a biohealth hub that is ever expanding making it the #3 city in the 2014 15 Best Cities for Young Adults list by Forbes.

Milwaukee, while still embracing its manufacturing and beer-brewing heritage, has been transitioning into a major Midwest attraction for tourists and corporations alike. Milwaukee was featured at #10 in’s Best in the US list as well as making the cut by the Boston Globe in the 2016 Hot Places for Travel. It is also home to many powerhouse medical companies and is becoming a medical technology hub.

Wisconsin is much more than Madison and Milwaukee! Nestled amongst the natural beauty found throughout Wisconsin are manufacturing and technology hot spots that provide innovation and produce millions of products that are sent worldwide. Eau Claire, Hudson, and the surrounding areas are transforming into a technology hub for young professionals with close proximity to Minneapolis while Green Bay is a long-standing national treasure for sports fans that is just south of the quintessential vacation spot, Door County.



Welcome home: Wisconsin is home to endless outdoor activities throughout all seasons, growing tech & health industries, and a top-tier university system making our home the 8th state in the 2016 Quality of Life list by Forbes.



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