Don’t Miss the 2017 Wisconsin BioHealth Summit!

One of our favorite yearly conferences is coming up, and sooner than you might think. The 2017 Wisconsin BioHealth Summit is coming to Madison, Wisconsin on October 10th – that’s just over two months away. (Summer does seem to go by faster in Wisconsin, doesn’t it?)

Why is this conference one of our favorites? It’s a smartly-assembled event, bringing together great speakers, timely topics, and an engaged audience from the entire biotechnology and healthcare spectrum. The Wisconsin BioHealth Summit shines a light on our state’s burgeoning biohealth scene, but more than that, it helps connect the dots. The summit is BioFoward’s signature event for introducing thought leaders, stimulating collaboration, and providing a platform for idea exchange.

We’ll be making the trip to Madison on October 10th. We hope you can join us!

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