True Process Partners with Etiometry to Leverage the Value of High-Resolution Data


True Process, Inc. is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Boston-based Etiometry. True Process’ industry-leading ViNES software for capturing numeric and high-resolution waveform data, combined with Etiometry’s T3 Data Aggregation & Visualization (T3) platform will provide access to patient monitoring healthcare data for healthcare organizations.

“The strategic partnership with Etiometry is exciting for us. As interoperability in our healthcare space becomes more focused on providing consistent, quality data, there is a demand for data platforms like ViNES and T3 to provide access to valuable high-resolution data. The end result will help our customers reach their goals.”
– Doug Frede, True Process President

About Etiometry – Based in Boston, Etiometry was founded in 2010 and provides next-generation clinical decision support software. The Etiometry Platform provides ICUs with actionable information through data consolidation, enhanced visualization, and predictive analytics. It enables more informed decision making, improved patient care quality, and decreased cost. By consolidating data from many ICU devices, the Etiometry Platform helps clinician better understand the trajectory of their patients by viewing salient clinical information on a single screen. It fosters more objective communication among care teams and provides a common platform to analyze the best course of treatment for ICU patients.

About True Process, Inc. – True Process is a privately held healthcare IT firm headquartered in the Milwaukee area. Working with healthcare organizations, medical device manufacturers, and software providers, True Process offers solutions that help solve our customers’ clinical data challenges — including device implementation, system services/support design, data integration, and clinical data strategy. True Process knows connected medical devices.