In Business – Madison:

Two Madison companies, Wellbe, the leading technology for guiding patients through their episodes of care, and Kiio, an innovator in physical therapy automation, announced a new collaboration to help hospitals reduce costs and optimize clinical outcomes through customizable, automated rehab exercises.

The patented kiio FLEX software contains over 1,500 therapist-certified fully animated exercise templates. Kiio’s technology allows each exercise to be customized, enabling therapists to precisely communicate prescribed range of motion, timing, and force targets to their patients. Patients are provided with individually tailored easy-to-understand exercise routines, thereby increasing confidence, satisfaction, and adherence, benefits which in turn result in improved patient outcomes. The software also integrates with the kiio Sensor, a handheld portable wireless device which accurately measures and calculates complex muscle function metrics, allowing physical therapists to objectively assess patients and track their progress through rehabilitation.

Wellbe’s CarePath technology delivers pre-hab and rehab exercises within the context of a patient’s care plan. Wellbe’s unique Connected Care system has successfully helped hospitals engage their patients pre- and post-surgery in becoming active participants in their own care, resulting in 85% completion rates of prescribed exercise regimens.

Hospitals who take advantage of both solutions can realize benefits of a delivering patients individualized rehab exercises as part of a comprehensive patient engagement strategy across the continuum of care.