BioForward shows support for science in Wisconsin and March for Science.

MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As a voice of Wisconsin’s biohealth industry, BioForward supports Wisconsin’s commitment in science research, industry, and education in the state. Science is at the heart of Wisconsin’s well known research institutions, health care systems, biohealth companies, and world-renowned universities. From life-saving medical research to technology used daily, science impacts every individual’s life.

Wisconsin’s biohealth industry continues to be critical to the state economy, contributing $27 billion in economic output each year, according the 2015 Wisconsin Bioscience Economic Development Report. Over 1,600 biohealth companies call Wisconsin home, and more than 36,000 job are a direct result of the biohealth industry in the state.

“Without science, none of what we put our heart and soul into as an industry and state would be possible,” said Nicolas Paris, CEO of Gilson, Inc. “To continue as a leader across numerous science-related fields in the state, it is essential to come together and support science in Wisconsin as a unified front.”

BioForward is an avid supporter of science initiatives in the state of Wisconsin and recognizes the importance of science in the growing integrated health solutions industry. The national March for Science serves as a platform to show the state’s support for science and provide representation of Wisconsin’s prominent science community.

“When we collaborate and innovate together, Wisconsin tells a powerful story of the importance of science and how it results in strength across a multitude of industries including the biosciences, medical devices, digital health and health services,” said BioForward CEO Lisa Johnson. “It is crucial for our industry to continue to tell this story and demonstrate the vast impact science has on the state.”

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About BioForward

BioForward was founded in 1987, as the Wisconsin Biotechnology Association, a partnership among leaders in Wisconsin’s emerging biotechnology industry. The association joined forces in 2002 with the medical device manufacturers, and became the Wisconsin Biotechnology and Medical Device Association. The organization was rebranded in 2009 as BioForward. Over the past decade our membership has grown to include key industry sectors across a broad cross-section of biohealth specialties including health IT, drug development, medical devices, and research instrumentation and reagents. Our focus in 2017 is advocating on behalf of Wisconsin’s industry strength in integrated health solutions and research. We have implemented a Strength of Wisconsin Biohealth campaign and placed emphasis that BioForward represents this impactful industry for the state of Wisconsin.


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