Wisconsin Biohealth Industry Report

Wisconsin's Biohealth Industry: 2018 Economic Snapshot

At our October 9, 2018 Wisconsin Biohealth Summit we were excited to share Baker Tilly’s  Economic Impact report on Wisconsin’s Biohealth Industry. In this report, the total economic contribution of the biohealth industry in Wisconsin included:

  • The total economic contribution of the biohealth industry in Wisconsin included $48 billion in economic output and $1.3 billion in total state and local taxes.
  • Combining the industry’s direct, indirect and induced labor income contributions, the biohealth industry delivered more than $18 billion to Wisconsin.
  • In terms of jobs, the biohealth industry directly employed nearly 107,616 workers in Wisconsin in 2017 and indirectly contributed nearly 142,763 additional jobs to the state economy. Meaning for every one direct biohealth job, 1.33 more indirect jobs were created in Wisconsin.
  • Biohealth workers were also well compensated, with the average salary for biohealth positions being $89,026, exceeding the private sector median wage in Wisconsin by more than $34,416.
  • The report featured new data on building expansions within the biohealth industry, highlighting 612 company expansions over the past five years that resulted in $1.7 billion direct economic impact from expansions alone.
  • Supply chain suppliers that had products and services supporting the global biohealth industry were reported to directly contribute $13.3 billion in economic output with labor income of $2.5 billion and 31,888 employees.

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