Do you ever wonder what specific companies within the BioForward Membership do? For this member blog, JangoBio provides a deep dive into their company mission and how they improve lives.

The Science and Mission of JangoBio

JangoBio is developing new biologics to extend longevity that are applicable to all humans and animals. Our stem cell therapies are bioengineered to restore hormone balance thereby improving health, mitigating diseases of aging, and extending healthy longevity. Our initial target areas are menopause (women) and andropause (men), and age-related diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and heart disease.

Unmet Medical Needs of Menopause, Andropause and Aging

The loss of sex hormone balance with menopause and andropause leads to an array of symptoms such as hot flashes, decreased energy, weight gain, poor concentration, and reduced libido that significantly impact quality of life. More troubling, the long-term consequences of this imbalance can result in age-related diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and osteoporosis that ultimately dictate how long we live.

Limitations of Current Hormone Replacement Therapies

Currently, there are no drugs or therapies that can completely rebalance the more than 50 sex hormones that decline as we age. Existing hormone replacement therapies (HRT), like estrogen and progesterone, only restore one or two hormones and come with multiple disadvantages including ongoing treatment requirements and unacceptable risks such as increased vascular disease and cancer.

JangoBio’s Next Generation Hormone Replacement Therapy

JangoBio’s approach to this dilemma has been to develop a personalized, long-term solution to completely restore sex hormones back to youthful levels. JangoBio scientists have created purpose-built, fully functional “organoids” comprised of multiple cell types that produce the array of hormones required by our bodies as we age. These biologics are injectable and integrate into tissues to produce both sex steroids and protein hormones that are necessary for complete hormone rebalancing and optimal health and well-being. This base technology has applications in human and animal markets, including companion animals (pets, service animals), stud and agricultural industries, and even endangered species.

Over the last five years, JangoBio has diversified into a number of biomedical enterprises, and in 2020 restructured as the holding company to five subsidiaries: JangoPet (pet), JangoMed (human), JangoCell (research-grade products and cell biology services), Heartland Vivarium (CRO-services) and JangoDx (diagnostic services), which are revenue-generating and offset R&D costs.

JangoPet and JangoMed

These divisions are responsible for the development and commercialization of stem cell products to restore hormone balance in the companion animal (pets, service animals) and human markets, respectively. Animals experience the same age-related hormonal dysregulation as humans and therefore also develop similar diseases of aging. Our organoid products restore hormone balance in pets like dogs, where the market is over 80 million animals in the US.


JangoCell provides biomedical researchers with a wide range of specialized cell biology products and services. We focus on supplying cells with comprehensive characterization (stem cells, PBMCs, and T cells), together with media and reagents, plasticware, assay kits, and equipment required to perform cutting-edge cell biology. 

JangoCell also offers a wide range of custom cell and molecular biology services for in vitro and pre-clinical data generation. Our services division can coordinate with clients to provide cell culture, flow cytometry, cell line development, and cryostorage of biological samples, as well as numerous downstream molecular biology techniques, data analyses, interpretation, and reporting. 

  • Cell & Molecular Biology
    We offer a wide range of custom cell and molecular biology services and can design and perform in vitro studies for pre-clinical development and testing, as well as perform classic molecular biology techniques.
  • Flow Cytometry
    JangoCell offers flow cytometry services utilizing state-of-the-art technology and experienced technicians. We offer standard or custom antibody panels, as well as low-cost options using your own antibodies. We can assist you from experimental design through sample processing and data analysis.
  • Cell Line Development
    Our scientists have decades of experience developing and utilizing stem, primary, and transformed cell lines for biomedical research. We can generate the exact cell line for your specific research needs based on species, tissue, gender, and age.
  • Cell Cryostorage
    JangoCell can preserve your cell lines and offers long- or short-term storage (cell banking) of your experimental samples and research cell lines.

Heartland Vivarium

Heartland Vivarium is a full-service preclinical contract research organization that provides customizable services for animal research. Heartland is a time- and cost-effective option for biomedical, biotechnology, and biopharmaceutical companies wishing to generate preclinical data. This OLAW-assured facility offers competitive pricing, an experienced veterinary and care staff, complete animal husbandry, as well as surgical and technical services for rodent studies. Our facility can accommodate a wide variety of rodents and study paradigms including models of cancer, pre-clinical testing of small molecules, pharmacokinetics, vaccines, biologics, and antibodies, or simply the maintenance or re-establishment of a colony.

In addition, we can support experiments requiring germ-free (without bacteria, fungi, and exogenous viruses) and gnotobiotic (“known microbiota”) mice. Our BSL2 facility supports studies involving cancer models, basic phenotypic research of specific microorganisms as well as other experiments that depend on a tightly controlled microbiome. Finally, we offer cell and molecular biology services for both in vitro and in vivo data generation, as well as cell line development services, flow cytometry, and cryostorage of your cells.


JangoDx provides healthcare screening and diagnostic testing in the veterinary and medical industries and has included community testing for COVID-19 since October 2020 with convenient drive-through locations throughout Dane county. A significant portion of our clients are travelers and students, together with those displaying influenza or COVID symptoms.

JangoBio is proud of our growth, and we very much appreciate the support we have received from the robust and ever-expanding biohealth industry in Wisconsin. The collaboration and partnerships we have forged have allowed us to further our mission of creating long-term solutions to help people and animals live healthier lives, longer.