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Now is an exciting time to be a part of Wisconsin’s biohealth industry – the frontier of life sciences and medical breakthroughs.

BioForward Wisconsin is the collective voice of Wisconsin’s robust and comprehensive biohealth cluster.

Wisconsin is ranked in the top 10 most livable states

total state economic impact contributed by the biohealth industry

in biohealth jobs compared to state averages

supported by biohealth

Wisconsin is home to a booming biohealth cluster, full of talented people, unique companies, and endless opportunities. BioForward supports the industry through initiatives that foster collaboration, lead advocacy, facilitate education, and promote the region’s opportunities and successes.

Our Work

Positioning the Industry for Growth

BioForward has a central role in helping position the State’s biohealth industry for growth. Through facilitating the interrelationships that drive collaboration, advocacy efforts, savings and reward programs, and investment in unique programs and initiatives, BioForward positions the industry for long-term success.

Networking & Connections




Promoting the Industry/Region

BioForward promotes both the State and the industry to achieve a host of goals. BioForward serves as the collective marketing voice, touting the cluster’s unique and diverse capabilities and earning recognition as a national and international leader. BioForward also helps develop a sense of pride around the region and industry that ripples throughout the State and beyond.

Talent Investment

Thought Leadership


Our Members

Our members represent every step in the biohealth chain

from research through commercialization and include some of the biggest names and most exciting start-ups in the industry.

Our Medallion Members

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Aurora Health Care Advocate Aurora Health logo

Invenra is redefining what is possible by developing versatile drug discovery platforms and creatively optimizing therapies to tackle even the most challenging of therapeutic targets.

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Are you a veteran, service member, or military/veteran family member? Then join the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce for the Veterans in the Workforce Summit! This event features dynamic speakers, panel discussions, and presentations giving employers the information and resources they need to... meet their veteran and military workforce goals.

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Join the University of Wisconsin – Madison Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center and the BTC Institute for the 17th annual Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium! This symposium will bring together world leaders to present and discuss recent advancements, promising strategies, and clinical trials regenerative technologies for preventing and treating neurological disorders.

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The BIO International Convention is an innovative program around biotech's current and future state. It includes areas like therapeutic frontiers, the business of biotech, regulatory and policy outlooks, and human capital.

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