BioForward is reaching out to members to highlight their organizations through a new member profile feature to tell more of their stories. Findorff agreed to be interviewed as a part of our efforts to heighten the awareness of our region.

About your organization:

Findorff’s breadth of knowledge has led us to become one of the Midwest’s most trusted builders. With offices in Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau, Findorff serves the community by growing alongside the industries we work in, including science and technology, healthcare, education, corporate, and residential. To continue thriving as we have for the past 132 years, Findorff invests in our people and innovative construction technologies to deliver projects with reliability, certainty, and speed-to-market precision. Going beyond what is expected is where we find our true value and commitment to the industry. Findorff helps customers with building and beyond.

What do you find valuable about being a member of BioForward Wisconsin?

BioForward provides a foundation for sharing knowledge across diverse companies. This is a real strength for the Madison area, where a person with an idea can quickly connect with capable and experienced companies to develop concepts and implement solutions.

Our organization benefits from networking with members to learn about the opportunities and challenges that the industry faces and figuring out how Findorff, as a construction company, can help! We enjoy making connections with all the companies and helping the industry expand in Wisconsin.

What are the key areas of or achievements by your organization that are impacting the state of Wisconsin and the overall biohealth industry?

  • We work with our clients so they can further their research for the better of humanity. Every dollar spent on new and/or renovated facilities puts dollars back into the communities where we are building.
  • Findorff provides planning and estimating services for early-stage companies that may not have the resources to otherwise obtain said services. Our knowledge of the needs of start-up companies helps us to “ask the right questions.”
  • Findorff works with highly skilled Madison-area subcontractors, consultants, and architects to deliver high-quality, cGMP compliant facilities.
  • Our in-house strategic advisor, Kevin Tebrinke, focuses on the needs of our science and technology clients.

What about the future of research, medical, technological innovation excites you the most?

The Madison area is experiencing a rapid growth in the science and technology market. The recent trend toward more precise and rapid laboratory tests will provide advances in understanding medical conditions and in developing new approaches to improve patient health. New manufacturing technologies and leveraging existing methods are accelerating the individual medicine initiatives.

Why Wisconsin? What does Wisconsin (and/or Madison/Milwaukee) offer for your company and/or your/its families?

  • The UW system and University Research Park are booming.
  • There is lots of growth in Wisconsin and the Midwest.
  • Wisconsin is a great place to live, work and play.
  • The state has a variety of companies to partner with – from start-ups to well-established organizations.
  • We have high-quality school systems in nearby communities.

What would you recommend about or say to others about Wisconsin’s biohealth industry and research institutions?

We have it all in Dane County and we should not be overlooked! We are not Boston or San Diego….but where else can you be where within 20 miles of your work? We also have a top-notch research institution, a top-performing hospital, a top veterinary school, and an isthmus. Plus, Madison was named a #1 City to live in, and we have a variety of businesses (from start-ups to well-established companies).

What is one thing others may not know about your organization?

Findorff’s Special Projects Group completes projects of all sizes. We offer an end-to-end experience and can help set project direction with early alignment of business and technical goals.