In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Wisconsin has emerged as a global leader in the field of theranostics. Powered by innovative research at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and a collaborative ecosystem of cutting-edge companies such as GE HealthCare, Accuray, SHINE Technologies, Northstar Medical Radioisotopes, Voximetry, and Leo Cancer Care, this vibrant state is at the forefront of redefining cancer care through personalized medicine.

Defining Theranostics:

Theranostics (a concept that combines the words therapeutics and diagnostics) unites imaging technologies and precision medicine to discover, diagnose and treat cancer. It is personalized medicine that uses radioligands able to detect cancer cells and then deliver therapies directly to the targeted areas. These treatments are specifically tailored to the individual and allow physicians to safely identify cancer, personalize the therapy, and monitor the response.

The Power of Precision Medicine:

Each individual has a unique genetic makeup, different from any other individual, and it’s the basis for the growing medical field of personalized medicine. Wisconsin’s best medical researchers, scientists, and doctors are leaders in the world of personalized medicine creating innovative advancements in the science of diagnosing and treating patients individually, using precision treatments tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine:

The University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health serves as the epicenter of Wisconsin’s medical excellence. With its renowned research programs, including Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and the Department of Radiology, state-of-the-art facilities, and interdisciplinary collaborations, the School of Medicine cultivates a fertile ground for breakthroughs in theranostics. The brilliant minds within its walls are pushing the boundaries of personalized medicine, driving progress that impacts patients worldwide.

Collaborative Companies:

Complementing the academic prowess of the university, Wisconsin boasts a vibrant ecosystem of industry leaders in theranostics:

-are among the visionary companies shaping the future of cancer diagnostics and treatment. Their relentless pursuit of technological advancements and commitment to patient-centric care synergize with the academic community, fueling an environment ripe for transformative discoveries.

The Promising Future:

The intersection of therapeutics and diagnostics through theranostics represents a paradigm shift in cancer care. With Wisconsin at the forefront, this emerging field offers hope to countless patients battling cancer. Through personalized medicine and precision treatments, the vision of targeted therapies tailored to individual patients’ needs is becoming a reality.


Wisconsin’s prominence in the realm of theranostics underscores its pivotal role in advancing personalized cancer care. Powered by the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and a collaborative network of industry leaders, the state’s medical researchers, scientists, and doctors are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. By harnessing the potential of imaging technologies, radiotracers, and precision medicine, they are revolutionizing cancer diagnostics and treatment, bringing us closer to a future where each patient’s journey is defined by tailored therapies and improved outcomes. Wisconsin’s leadership in theranostics serves as an inspiration for the entire medical community, propelling us forward toward a brighter, more personalized era in healthcare.

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